Ubbi Diaper Pail

Deal alert! If you’ve got lots of poopy diapers in your future (or present) slash know someone who does: listen up. The Ubbi Diaper Pail in white is on sale on Amazon for only $39.99 – regularly $79.99.


This is one of my favorite baby items and I registered for it at full price and think it’s worth every penny of that. Because it’s stainless steel it really does keep the icky smell contained, and you can use regular trash bags in it too. So when I saw this sale I thought I’d share!!

Dressing The Bump In Style On A Budget, Part 1

When I started popping enough (had to double check to make sure I didn’t just type pooping enough) to warrant maternity clothes it was so fun to finally flaunt the bump. No longer feeling like I just looked overfed, I was on the search for comfy and cute clothes to wear for the next 5 months. But it’s kind of hard to justify spending a ton on cute clothes when you can only wear them for a short while. Nonetheless I do think that buying some staples is unavoidable and you deserve it.

What To Buy

I loved shopping Gap Maternity for my staples (not a sponsored post!), especially their Pure Body collection, which was super soft, form fitting (show off the bump!) and all of their stuff can be found at 40% off fairly often if you keep your eyes open for the sales. And I’m sure everyone is different but their clothes fit me much better than Motherhood Maternity or Old Navy’s. They’ve stopped carrying maternity in stores, but you can still buy it online. Some of my favorite items that work for any season were:

Pure Body Tank and Pure Body Crewneck Tee – I had these in the basic colors: white, grey, black and they were comfy and flattering. You can wear them with shorts, jeans, skirts, under sweaters etc. It also comes in a long sleeved version. Continue reading

My Favorite Websites

This might seem really random, and I suppose it is, but nevertheless I really love these websites and visit them often, so I thought you might find them useful!

  1. The Savvy Bump – This is a deal website for all things baby and pregnancy. She posts just a few posts per day, but I find a lot of the diaper bargains listed on this site. Continue reading

Friday Funny

If you haven’t discovered IMomSoHard yet it’s something you must do. You can kill hours and brighten any mood just watching them in a few of their Facebook videos. My favorite is the I Spanx So Hard video. PLEASE check it out, you won’t regret it.

And a couple bonus funnies because in the midst of all my fun last weekend I dropped the ball.


I tend to sometimes word-vomit well-meaning advice. Feel free to slap me if I do it to you.


For all my single ladies.

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Best Recipe Pinterest Board

My friend is always making the best recipes. Every time we have “Family Dinners” with our friends she makes something healthy and delicious and most of the time it’s simple. So now when I need some meal inspiration I check out her Pinterest board of recipes that she’s made and loved. So I asked her permission and so I’m letting you in on my secret…Claire’s Pinterest recipe board. You’re welcome. Continue reading

The Unabbreviated Weekend Recap


College Roomies At Levato’s

Looking back at the pictures from this weekend I can’t believe all the things that we did in just one, (almost) regular length weekend! So if you want the Cliff Notes version here it is: Car AC breakdown, Chicago, Zoo, Levato’s, stuffed bunny mishap, Nana’s 80th birthday party, potty training, dinner with friends. Well I guess technically our adventure started on Thursday as I drove to the gym. Really hot air was blowing out of our air conditioner. Continue reading

Puddle Jumpers

I consider this is more of a PSA than anything. If you have a kid who is big enough to kick around in a pool but can’t swim yet you have GOT to get a Puddle Jumper. The first time I took Leah to the pool this summer I was kinda thinking “This was a lot of work, not sure how soon we will do this again…”. I felt like I spent the whole time frantically moving her from one floatie device to another and trying to make sure she didn’t drown in between. The next week I saw the Puddle Jumper on sale at Costco (<3) and threw it in my cart at the last minute. Continue reading

Mae & Co Romper Giveaway

Wow can you believe it’s August? Just in time for the end of the summer, an amazing giveaway from Mae & Co Clothing. This adorable unisex romper is 100% handmade by the owner and designer, Amanda. She is also located in central Iowa, so if you’re looking for some excellent quality, locally handmade clothing to dress your kiddo or to give as a gift make sure to check out her site.


To win the Harvest Romper (you don’t have to have a baby to enter, if you have a niece or nephew or tiny friend who might love it please enter as well!) just make sure you’ve followed the blog and comment on this post with what size you’d like to win (sizes 0-3 to 18 months available) and I will select a winner at random later this week. Continue reading

Friday Funny & Poll

Hey Party People!

Hope your weekend is kicking off soon! My Friday funny today is late, but also accompanied by a quick poll and GIVEAWAY. Since I started here with the intent of posting mostly birth stories and journeys to becoming a mommy I wanted to check in with you all as the blog evolves. Instead of just not posting when I don’t have a new birth story to post I’ve taken to posting something else that I think you might find interesting. But you also might not find it interesting and so here’s the time to tell me!


Thanks for taking the time to give your feedback and have a great weekend!  Next week I’ve got an awesome giveaway planned so make sure to check back!


I think this is the truest thing I’ve ever seen.

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Zika Update

Since I first posted about Zika, there have been some new developments; most notably, the United States may have it’s first locally acquired cases in Florida. So I wanted to post some of the latest news, again, as it pertains to women who are or want to become pregnant.

Countries and territories reporting active mosquito transmission of Zika virus Continue reading