Simon’s Birth Story – St. Joseph’s Hospital, Phoenix, AZ

The first trimester of pregnancy I was nauseous, almost constantly.  I lost over 15 lbs in those first few months because of a complete aversion to food. The best remedy I found was the sick bands you wear on your wrists before a boating adventure. The day my second trimester began, like a light switch, the nausea went away. Next came PUPPS, a skin rash I would not wish on anyone. The rash took over my legs and itched constantly. By this point it was the beginning of summer in Phoenix. Relief from PUPPS and the triple digit temperature only came at night when I could jump in the pool. My OB had little to recommend for the rash except topical ointments. It was my chiropractor/doula who recommended black tar soap and liver cleansing supplements and teas.  I would try and shower two to three times a day using the back tar soap and take 2-3 herbal pills in the mornings, within two weeks the rash also went the way of nausea. When I became pregnant I was concerned about back pain and began to see a chiropractor/doula for the duration of my pregnancy. She alleviated many aches and concerns, mentally and physically. My baby boy had his head down almost the entire time and kicked constantly. Rib jabs, laying on the bladder, sitting snuggly on my pelvic bone, sending sharp pains through my vagina. These are all said to be normal but without an explanation seemed alarming. My chiropractor helped keep my hips loose allowing for better, more free movement for the little guy. 

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