Motherhood Closet Trial

A while ago I posted about the top sites to rent maternity clothes from. The one I was most excited about finding (and using) was Motherhood Closet. I liked the fact that you rent 15 items of your selection from their collection of gently-used, name-brand maternity clothing, and that you can swap the clothing as many times as you want (just pay shipping), throughout your rental period of 3, 6 or 9 months.

Sounds great in theory, right? Well I wanted to see if it’s really was great as I was hoping, so I contacted Motherhood Closet to see if I could try their Clothesline Club Membership with the intention of reporting back! I got my shipment of clothes earlier this week and so far here are my thoughts! Continue reading

Pregnancy Pillows – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Being a stomach sleeper one of my struggles both last pregnancy and this one has been getting comfy at night. Last time it seemed easier, I used a thick regular pillow between my knees for a while and after getting a prenatal massage I decided I needed the real deal. Between last pregnancy and this one I thought pregnancy pillows would be a good thing to review so I contacted Boppy and they sent me their pregnancy pillow to review. I was also given the Leachco Snoogle from a friend. So I’ve been diligently testing (aka trying to get comfortable) and feel that I can now provide a comprehensive review if you’re looking to buy a pregnancy pillow.

Option 1: The thick head pillow

Used as a buffer between the legs while lying on the side, it can help ease strain on the back.

Image result for bed pillow between knees


  • Easy to roll over with and switch which side you’re laying on
  • You already have several of these
  • Takes up minimal room in bed
  • Use whichever pillowcase you like with it
  • Put it back on the bed in the morning and it’s not taking up any extra space


  • Only cushions a small area

Bottom Line: Great for the weeks when you’re not quite comfy on your stomach, but you don’t yet have too much belly to put strain on your back. I successfully used this for weeks 8-18 when my back started to hurt during the night and I needed something more.

Option 2: Body Pillow

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Bye Bye To The Paci – Days 3-6

As promised here is the rundown on how it’s been going the last few days. We’ve gone from the Lily Method Step 1 pacifier to Step 2 to Step 3. Step 2 was accepted without a second glance, Step 3 has most of the round part of the nipple cut off so I’m told that when my husband put Leah to bed the first time with it she looked at the paci and said “What’s that?”.  But she then accepted it and went to bed just fine.

So far I’d say that the Lily Method Pacifier Weaning System is MVP in this process, BUT we’re not through the woods yet. I think that as long as Leah has something to hold and suck on she’s doing fine, but she’s no pushover. She knows when she doesn’t have something she wants. Which means I’m nervous about introducing Step 4 and even more so Step 5 in a couple days, which she won’t really be able to suck on at all. Continue reading

Time to Say Bye Bye to The Pacifier (cringe!) – Day 1-2

Image result for pacifier

The first time the nurse rolled Leah back from the nursery into our postpartum room at the hospital and I saw that green Soothie Pacifier sticking out of her mouth I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. About 3 hours later when I had nursed, swaddled, sang and shushed I finally popped that baby back in her mouth and she stopped fussing. I became the pacifier’s biggest fan. Not much changed as Wubbanub and paci’s helped us get every minute of sleep we’ve gotten since September 15, 2014.

Yes, that’s right. My 28 month old still uses her paci for bedtime. And as we have a plethora of dentists in the family I’ve felt pretty comfortable doing that, but recently one of these dentists (my husband) said that it’s time to get rid of the paci. Leah LOVES her paci and actually sleeps with 3 of them, needing both “pink ones” and the “purple one” before she can fall asleep. So I had a panic attack, but then calmed down and negotiated to get rid of the pacifier AFTER the holidays (several extended stays at houses other than our own), and AFTER I fly with Leah by myself to California.

Well it’s now after. So here goes nothing.

I’m taking a 3 strategy approach to this, like most other things I do, based on very little research.

Strategy 1: The Babies. Continue reading

Puddle Jumpers

I consider this is more of a PSA than anything. If you have a kid who is big enough to kick around in a pool but can’t swim yet you have GOT to get a Puddle Jumper. The first time I took Leah to the pool this summer I was kinda thinking “This was a lot of work, not sure how soon we will do this again…”. I felt like I spent the whole time frantically moving her from one floatie device to another and trying to make sure she didn’t drown in between. The next week I saw the Puddle Jumper on sale at Costco (<3) and threw it in my cart at the last minute. Continue reading

Bath Time


No, I did not use the bottle brush on her.

Since that first bath in the kitchen sink, bath time has been a fun occasion around our house.  Leah has grown to truly LOVE bath time.  So much so that it’s probably our most frequently spelled word. That and W-A-L-K.  The mere mention of bath time will send her flying up the stairs and ripping off clothes and diaper.  When Leah was staying with Mike’s parents while we were in Ireland Mike’s mom started running water for a bath, turned around to get some soap, and turned back and Leah was standing in the bath, fully clothed, and wearing her Jordan’s.  Girlfriend has a thing for baths. Continue reading

My Most-Used App

Have you all started writing up your stories for the giveaway yet?  🙂 I hope so!  Probably the thing I am most excited to add to the prize packages is the Moment Garden $25 photo album credit.  I mean, I almost only gave away 2 and kept the third for myself, but my Catholic guilt won out.  For those of you who already have Moment Garden, good for you, you’re ahead of the game. For those who haven’t heard of it, let me just change your life real quick.

mg Continue reading