The Best Laid Plans: The Home Birth That Wasn’t Meant To Be

Being a first-time mom, I was quite cautious when I got pregnant. I did a massive amount of studying. I read everything I could get my hands on: books, articles, blogs, magazines, scientific journal articles, I even watched strangers’ YouTube videos. I wanted to make sure that I was doing the right things for my baby and that I was prepared for what was to come. As prepared as one can be for the unknown, at least.

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A Hollywood Baby’s Big Debut – A Kaiser Permanente Hospital Birth Story

This birth story is told by the doula of a couple from Hollywood, CA.

doula rotating baby, op position, posterior, rebozo, meconium, birth story

As a birth doula I will try to describe to you how amazing, incredible and unforgettable it was to attend the birth of Mia. I knew from the moment I met Mom and Dad at Starbucks that they would be the most loving parents any child could ever ask for. Their commitment to each other and their want for a special birth was evident. Continue reading

Overcoming The Odds – Monochorionic Twins Born Healthy, Vaginally, And On Their Due Date – A Hospital Gregario Marañón Birth Story

monochorionic twin birth story, 38 weeks, vaginal birth, Madrid Spain

  • Monochorionic Twins
  • First Babies
  • Mom’s Age: 26
  • Born on Their Due Date
  • Epidural
  • 17 Hour Labor
  • Vaginal Delivery
  • February 2014

  • Madrid, Spain
  • Hospital Gregario Marañón

I found out that I was 8 weeks pregnant with twins during an Emergency Room ultrasound.  I looked at the monitor and saw two tiny little garbanzos, an image I’ll never forget.  We were living in Madrid, Spain at the time, and the hospital policy had left my unsuspecting husband back in the waiting room. Continue reading