The Struggle Is Real

Last week was a test. Leah was cutting her canine teeth and just completely out of sorts. Mike was Trauma Chief, which had him working from 6am to 10pm almost every night. This left Leah and me, battling it out for 13+ hours a day. We’re talking early wake ups, short naps, very little eating and tantrums all day long. I don’t mean to complain, but it was the first time I’ve really ever contemplated going back to work. But I’m actually grateful for the long week, because in the end it reminded me to take care of someone who I’d kinda forgotten about: Me. Continue reading

My Restaurant-With-A-Toddler Battle Plan

Lately we’ve been really living it up, and for us, YOLO has become YOHO (you only have one).  Meaning, as Leah gets older and the inevitability of having two kids creeps closer, were trying to make the most of having only one. Suddenly the mentality of “oh we have a baby, thanks for the invite but we can’t because of bedtime” has flown out the window and we are accepting each and every invitation that comes our way with a haste that borders on desperation.  So we have been eating out a lot thinking: we can only do this for so long while we’re still 2 on 1!!


A couple weeks ago, out for Mexican food (Leah loved the Mariachi’s)

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My Most-Used App

Have you all started writing up your stories for the giveaway yet?  🙂 I hope so!  Probably the thing I am most excited to add to the prize packages is the Moment Garden $25 photo album credit.  I mean, I almost only gave away 2 and kept the third for myself, but my Catholic guilt won out.  For those of you who already have Moment Garden, good for you, you’re ahead of the game. For those who haven’t heard of it, let me just change your life real quick.

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