One Mom’s Miscarriage & The Medical Diagnosis You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

The advice “just relax—that’s when it’ll happen!” tended to have the opposite effect on me. I would feel my blood pressure rise as I tried to spit out anything to change the subject. Is being relaxed a good thing when you’re trying to get pregnant (or just in general)? Of course. But it turns out that wasn’t actually why I wasn’t getting pregnant. It was fleeting before many other feelings came crashing down, but my first thought when, half-drugged, I heard the diagnosis of Asherman’s Syndrome was  “I was right! They were wrong!”

I had gotten pregnant quickly with my daughter in 2013. When my husband and I learned on the very dramatic medical Match Day in 2015 that we’d be moving across the country a little over a year later, we agreed it was time to try  to get pregnant again to be closer to family for this baby’s birth. Continue reading