Simon’s Birth Story – St. Joseph’s Hospital, Phoenix, AZ

The first trimester of pregnancy I was nauseous, almost constantly.  I lost over 15 lbs in those first few months because of a complete aversion to food. The best remedy I found was the sick bands you wear on your wrists before a boating adventure. The day my second trimester began, like a light switch, the nausea went away. Next came PUPPS, a skin rash I would not wish on anyone. The rash took over my legs and itched constantly. By this point it was the beginning of summer in Phoenix. Relief from PUPPS and the triple digit temperature only came at night when I could jump in the pool. My OB had little to recommend for the rash except topical ointments. It was my chiropractor/doula who recommended black tar soap and liver cleansing supplements and teas.  I would try and shower two to three times a day using the back tar soap and take 2-3 herbal pills in the mornings, within two weeks the rash also went the way of nausea. When I became pregnant I was concerned about back pain and began to see a chiropractor/doula for the duration of my pregnancy. She alleviated many aches and concerns, mentally and physically. My baby boy had his head down almost the entire time and kicked constantly. Rib jabs, laying on the bladder, sitting snuggly on my pelvic bone, sending sharp pains through my vagina. These are all said to be normal but without an explanation seemed alarming. My chiropractor helped keep my hips loose allowing for better, more free movement for the little guy. 

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A Much Anticipated Birth – Unity Point Health


I had it set in my mind that I was going to have Baby B early.  I had my hospital bag packed at 34 weeks and I was ready.  I never once asked how far they would let me go over my due date or considered that I might still be pregnant on my due date. Continue reading

Birthing Like a Rockstar – A Northside-Cherokee Hospital Birth Story

Northside-Cherokee hospital birth story, induction, pitocin, cervadil,

  • September 2014
  • First Baby
  • Mom’s age: 31
  • 3 Days Late
  • Epidural
  • 10 hours from breaking of water to birth
  • Vaginal Delivery
  • Canton, Georgia
  • Northside-Cherokee Hospital
  • Dr. Najia Lawrence with Northside Cherokee Women’s Specialists

After many months of trying, and finally seeing a fertility specialist, my husband and I conceived our first child.  I was 31 and very excited.  The pregnancy was pretty normal—my son measured 1-2 weeks ahead the entire time, and for a couple of months the doctors thought I had placenta previa, but thankfully it cleared and everything else was normal.  Continue reading

The Mouthy Mama – An Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center Birth Story

Mouthy Mama

Ignorance is bliss. Especially when you are pregnant for the first time. It took 28 hours (20 being drug free + 2 hours of pushing). Prior to D-day I spent a lot of time thinking about how I wanted to bring my baby into this world. Home birth? All Natural? Drugged up? C-section? OBGYN? Midwife? Continue reading

A Petite Mom’s Big Birth Story – Jersey City Medical Center


It was three o’clock on a very early October morning and my husband & I decided to stay up and watch re-runs of 24 on Amazon Prime.  Earlier in the day, I decided to do my belly cast since I knew I might go into labor any day.  That evening, I asked him to prepare me a bowl of spicy Korean noodles and I joked that maybe eating it will make me go into labor. Continue reading

Before and After – A St. Vincent Hospital Birth Story

Even though almost everything in this mom’s birth story happened before they thought it would, the after made it all worth while.

Before and after birth story, quick labor, champaign toast, roasary, carmel Indiana

I found out I was pregnant on September 30th, 2014. For the 5 days prior to that, I took pregnancy test after pregnancy test, exclaiming to my husband more confidently as each day passed “I think there are two faint lines!”. Continue reading

A Hollywood Baby’s Big Debut – A Kaiser Permanente Hospital Birth Story

This birth story is told by the doula of a couple from Hollywood, CA.

doula rotating baby, op position, posterior, rebozo, meconium, birth story

As a birth doula I will try to describe to you how amazing, incredible and unforgettable it was to attend the birth of Mia. I knew from the moment I met Mom and Dad at Starbucks that they would be the most loving parents any child could ever ask for. Their commitment to each other and their want for a special birth was evident. Continue reading