I Can’t Cook Tonight – Lazy Burrito Bowls


Someone has been a little different lately…and it’s not me, and it’s not Mike. Ok I’ll just say it, it’s Leah. I was beginning to research exorcists until my parents pointed out that with the runny nose, drool, lack of appetite and sleep refusal she’s probably teething. Joy. I mean I would be lying if I said I wasn’t relieved to have something to blame the insanity on. Teething you say? Yes, it’s definitely that. Anything to reassure me that it’s not my parenting skills, her personality, or demonic possession. Jk!! But seriously.

Anywho, I’m running low on my patience reserves as well as my desire to do put forth more than the minimum effort. So last night, I decided I just couldn’t cook. But I could open cans. So that’s what I did. Continue reading