The Long Haul – A Unity Point Birth Story

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I was a typical first time mom, totally naïve about how labor and delivery would actually go. I worked right down the street from the hospital and my plan was for my water to break right after I finished my work for the day and I would just walk over to the hospital, push a couple of times, and the baby would be here. Continue reading

Induction By Snowshoe – A Life Care Medical Center Birth Story

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Based on my family history I was preparing for a very large (at least 10 lbs, all of my siblings and I were this big) and overdue baby.   At our 36 week appointment we were told she was in a breech position.  Continue reading

Overcoming The Odds – Monochorionic Twins Born Healthy, Vaginally, And On Their Due Date – A Hospital Gregario Marañón Birth Story

monochorionic twin birth story, 38 weeks, vaginal birth, Madrid Spain

  • Monochorionic Twins
  • First Babies
  • Mom’s Age: 26
  • Born on Their Due Date
  • Epidural
  • 17 Hour Labor
  • Vaginal Delivery
  • February 2014

  • Madrid, Spain
  • Hospital Gregario Marañón

I found out that I was 8 weeks pregnant with twins during an Emergency Room ultrasound.  I looked at the monitor and saw two tiny little garbanzos, an image I’ll never forget.  We were living in Madrid, Spain at the time, and the hospital policy had left my unsuspecting husband back in the waiting room. Continue reading

A Young Mom of Two Shares Both of Her Birth Stories – Part 1

With my first baby I went into labor on a Saturday in February of 2005, I was 18 years old at the time. Continue reading