Introducing Baby to Dog

Your dog knows you’re pregnant, it just doesn’t know how many puppies you’re going to have ūüôā

Like so many young couples, before we became human parents we became dog parents.¬† And while our baby was somewhat of a surprise, our puppy was carefully discussed and chosen.¬† That’s not to say we knew what we were getting into when I picked up Jelly the Goldendoodle from a breeder on the way home from the wedding.¬† Actually going from having no responsibility outside of myself to having a puppy who needed CONSTANT supervision and attention was a ruder awakening than when we had our daughter.¬† I had never had that type of responsibility before.¬† And although I was really nervous about how our baby and dog would do together, I’m so glad we had Jelly to shock us out of some of our post-college self-centeredness before the rest of it was stripped away with a baby.


LOL that smile

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