Submit Your Story

Yes, You!  Even if you’re thinking, “Oh, my birth story was uneventful.” – Good!  We all need reassurance that a birth can go off without a hitch.  And if you have a birth story that didn’t – even better.  It’s so important to share how specific doctors and birth centers handle each situation so that each woman can make her own informed decision and know her options.

How to Share a Birth Story

Thank you for deciding to share your story! Here are some guidelines and some information that will help explain the process and aid you in submitting the framework for your post.

You can either write up your complete story or send bullet points, either way I will compose your birth post to be consistent with the other stories on From Belly to Birth, and so that other readers can easily find information that is important to them!

If you have photos please share them! Send up to five of your favorites; I will choose one or more to include as a compliment to your story.  Or we may choose to convert your picture to art to accompany your story.

What to include

While everyone’s story is unique please include as many of the following details as possible.

These details are part of the ‘snapshot’ at the beginning of each story:
  • Month and year of birth
  • Whether this was your first, second, etc. birth
  • Age of mom when baby was born
  • How many days early or late was your baby born
  • Did you have an epidural or natural birth?
  • How many hours from your first contraction, water breaking or induction to the baby’s first cries was your labor?
  • Type of delivery (Vaginal, C-Section, Emergency C-section etc.)
  • City and State where you gave birth
  • City and State where you live
  • Hospital or Birth Center where you gave birth, or home birth
  • Primary doctor or Midwife and group they belong to (Dr. Kelly Ward of University of Iowa OBGYN) for labor and pregnancy if they were different
Things to include when telling your birth story:
  • Your birth plan or notion of how birth would go
  • What started labor for you
  • Things you liked or didn’t like about the birth team and facility you used
  • Any interventions you had – epidural, induction, water breaking, episiotomy, forceps, etc.
    • These are the details many women are looking for so please include whether the intervention was your decision or you felt pressured etc.
  • Any unique details about you or baby – pre-eclampsia, breech position, gestational diabetes, health conditions etc.
  • What happened immediately after you delivered; skin to skin, baby went to NICU, etc.

Please send any questions and your story to