Almost. The. Weekend….

Feeling pretty blah this morning. I thought to myself hey after that great birth story I should write some kind of interesting blog post today. And since then I’ve been sitting here, juuust sitting here, thinking if only I had ANY ideas. LOL I mean maybe it’s because Leah woke up extra early this morning, maybe because I’ve just been extra tired the last couple of days, and maybe because I may have been a TEENSY bit moody last night and set a less than pleasant tone for the family evening. Whatever the reason I’m just not feelin it today, and instead of pretending that I am I just want to shout out to anyone else out there having one of those days. I feel you! And I think we all have them. So hey, let’s just do the bare minimum today and power through.

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From The Toddler’s Mouth


Lately Leah has been cracking me up with all of the funny things she’s saying. She is also latching onto random details and then holding onto them for a few weeks before randomly asking about them again – which always surprises me, like where’d that come from? How’d you even think of that? Here are some of my favorites lately.

  • Leah’s highest compliments she can pay are to announce that you’re big and strong and have big muscles (Mike mainly receives this one), that you’re big and powerful (in my  opinion we could all benefit from hearing that on the daily), and one that’s been dedicated only to me over the last couple of weeks: you’re huge and heavy and big. HAHA! And it’s so cute because she thinks this is such a nice thing to say so I have actually been taking it as such. She also told the ladies at the gym daycare “My mommy is huge and my daddy has big fingers“.

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Stop hiding behind the camera!!

I love the movement encouraging moms to get in front of the camera more instead of hiding behind it. While creating a collage for my parent’s Christmas gift a few years ago my sister and I struggled to adequately represent our mom because the photos with her in them were so hard to come by! She was almost always the one taking the picture! Let’s face it, we’re usually the one who wants the picture taken, the moment saved forever, and it feels vain to ask someone to take it if you. But your kids need to be able to look back at these pictures and see that you were there. Really this article puts it better than I ever could, and the video below is guaranteed to make you smile.

Life Lately

My Day Off

Leah had been extra naughty a few weeks ago and I called my mom begging her to take her for a night so that we could all get breaks from each other – mainly Leah and I. My mom agreed (HALLELUJAH) and took her off my hands for a much needed day to myself. I got my hair cut (for the first time since August – YIKES), went shopping (without constant little person negotiations going on) and had a date night with Mike (another first in way too long). IT WAS AMAZING!!! I only have one kid but as one of my friends recently told me – sometimes you need more than an hour or two away from your kid/kids to recharge. Amen.

It also took a change of scenery for us all to realize Leah had an ear infection and I’m guessing that’s part of why she was acting up so much. It’s amazing how sometimes you are the frog in the pot of water slowly coming to a boil and don’t even realize it. As soon as I got some space I realized that I had been at the end of my mom patience, and a break to spend some time on myself was exactly what I needed to be a better mom and wife. Is that you right now? If it is and we live nearby CALL ME! I’ll watch your kids and if not call a sitter or a family member and get yourself a mom’s day. Not just a couple of hours – but a day at least. Trust me, you and everyone around you will appreciate it. Continue reading

5 On Friday

Happy Friday! I feel like it’s been busy in our house and simultaneously a little boring as the weather can’t quite warm up all the way and winter always seems to stretch on just a bit too long this time of year. So I hope you have a great weekend planned!

one. Purl Lamb – I rarely splurge on special clothes for Leah and since she gets so many cute ones as gifts I hardly have to. But when I saw these on sale for $17 per piece  I thought they’d be perfect for St. Patrick’s Day and ordered 2 pairs of the matching organic sweats and one sweatshirt for some comfy cute play clothes and scored free shipping!

.Organic Stella HOODIE.Organic Mia SWEATS.Organic Stella SWEATS

  1. two. Books Lately – I’ve been reading and listening to a lot of books, ones I’ve enjoyed and finished recently are:

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Random Thoughts for Monday

Well hey everyone! I think the cabin fever has officially set in as we work our way through February. It’s been a mild winter, but it’s still not warm enough to get outside and I’m really starting to look forward to Spring! But the good news is that hopefully warmer weather is a month or so away. I thought I’d bring you a few random thoughts if you need some reading material to get through another Monday.

New Recipe

sweet-potato-pizza-skilletWe had the best new recipe on Friday for dinner. I saw this on a friend’s Instagram (she is a health food blogger – check out her sight for great meal inspiration!) and immediately wanted to try it because Mike is obsessed with Pizza but also on a huge health kick, so I figured he’d appreciate the opportunity to indulge without going overboard. It was a hit and you have to try it! MY TIP: it says to use a spiralizer and I don’t have a fancy one – just a little handheld one that doesn’t really work for anything but zucchini. So I employed my food processor, using the setting you’d use for cheese grating; it worked great and so was much quicker.

Update on Us

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Bye Bye To The Paci – Mission Complete!

We’re paci free! I am so relieved that this went off, for the most part, without a hitch! About a week ago I handed Leah the step 4 pacifier when she crawled onto my lap for storytime and she didn’t bat an eye; never commented that it was any different from the paci she had before. Two nights later when I nervously gave her the step 5 paci, the one you can’t suck on at all, she tried a few times to get a good suck going, and finding it impossible, she looked up at me and said “It’s too tiny!”. I pretended to be shocked, then told her “Well you can just hold onto it.” She said “My want to put it in my mouth!” so I told her that she can’t anymore because it’s bad for her teeth, but she could hold onto it if she wanted to. She did want to. So that night and the next day for naptime she went to sleep just fine holding the paci in her hand. After naptime it got brought down and left on the kitchen counter and completely forgotten about. SUCCESS! Continue reading

Election Day

Well it’s finally here – election day, and as someone who had a hard time voting for either candidate, I’d be lying if I said I was excited and I think that a lot of the country feels the same way. But I am interested to see which way the vote sways. If I could change one thing about the way we elect our presidents it would be the requirement to stay so faithful to one party or the other. I have a hard time believing that anyone truly believes in ALL of the causes of one party or another, and yet to get on the ballot you need to convince America you believe staunchly in all (or most of) the Republican or Democratic beliefs. 

I hope in my lifetime I have the opportunity to vote for someone with more moderate views. I want to cast a vote that protects the environment, and life – both in the womb and from the electric chair. That protects my children from unfit citizens with deadly weapons, and my husband’s years of work and sacrifice to become a surgeon from being regulated and overtaxed. I want to cast a vote that passionately fights for all the things we love in America, but that doesn’t do so at the expense of common sense. Geez, is that too much to ask!? And if your views are the opposite, I hope you can vote your way someday too! And we can both tactfully voice our opinions without anger, hate, stubbornness and self-interest blinding our best judgement.

And whoever is elected tonight, you don’t have to love them (I won’t!) but do your part to show the little eyes who are watching that we respect our president.

That is all – happy voting! And God Bless America.


Whole Wheat Pumpkin Muffins


Since Fall is in full swing, I wanted to share my recipe for Pumpkin Muffins. Every year it’s the only Pumpkin flavored treat that I’m required to make. I make them for birthdays, thank you’s, when I need to bring something to a party, or if we’re spending the night at someone’s house. They’re always gone in 2 days TOPS and I’m always asked for more. Continue reading

Greetings From Vegas

Hey everyone! Sorry for the radio silence over here…were in Vegas for an Oral Surgery conference so we’ve been enjoying sleeping in, laying out by the pool and winning millions on the blackjack table. One of those statements is false.

Breakfast at NY NY

Breakfast at NY NY

But just wanted to pop in to remind you to enter the Giveaway for a $50 gift card to, see below!


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