5 On Friday


Family Pictures – For the first time since our wedding day we took professional family pictures last night! It’s always something I think “hey we should do that!” and never something that makes my short list of things to do. But Mike’s new practice in Chicago asked that he get professional family pictures taken before we move and before baby comes, for their website. So we finally did it! I spent Wednesday going through the clothes that remained unpacked for the three of us and realizing some shopping would be required. So off to the mall on a rainy day I went – 2.5 year old in tow.

I wandered aimlessly through Motherhood Maternity, Younkers and Banana Republic before finding a cute non-maternity dress in Francesca’s Closet that fit over the belly. Then I actually found Leah’s cute dress on clearance at Target and Mike was able to wear pink shorts and a white button down that he had. I was so proud of myself as this is generally not my forte! Last night we had a great time taking pictures outside on a beautiful night and I’m excited to see if we got any good ones in a couple weeks!


Birth Stories – It was so fun receiving the birth stories that I posted over the past two weeks. It’s been a while since I’ve had any to post and reading those just made me remember by I love hearing about each baby’s entry into the world – they’re all so unique! So if you have wondered if I’m still looking for stories to share I am! And if you’ve had a baby and would be willing to share your story I’d be thrilled to learn about that amazing (or terrifying) moment in your life that left you forever changed, so send it my way!


Packing in the calories everywhere

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I know I promised you an announcement about a week and a half ago, but life has been crazy and so I’m sorry for making you wait but I’m finally following through on that promise!

Yep, I’m sure you guessed it – we’re expecting baby #2! I’ll be 20 weeks on Friday and am due August 11, so currently enjoying the blissful second trimester and all the sleep, full appetite and rapid expansion that goes with it! And no, we’re not finding out what we’re having – something I never thought I could do.

Here’s how I told Mike:

So to explain the video, since I told Mike I was pregnant with Leah via text message, I wanted to do something a little more fun this time. Continue reading

5 on Friday

So it’s supposed to be in the 60’s this weekend and I feel like it’s a peace offering from above for every family with pent-up kids suffering cabin fever. WE WILL GET OUTSIDE THIS WEEKEND!!!! So happy weekend to you!

one. Valentine’s Day – We’re not huge Vday celebrators but we still try to make it feel special. This year we actually had an amazing Valentine’s Day. In the morning Leah and I met some friends at a local bakery to have breakfast pastries and play on the patio. It was so much fun and I highly recommend Deluxe Cakes and Pastries for anyone local to Iowa City. And while it’s pretty small inside, the outside area was great to relax and let the girls run around.

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Leah’s 2-Year-Old Birthday Party

Carousel cake

Happy Birthday Leah!

Since we didn’t do a party for Leah’s 1st birthday we decided to do something this year, to celebrate turning 2. It happened to fall on the same day as the University of Iowa Homecoming Game, and since we live in Iowa City, we figured it would only be appropriate (and fair to the parents) to throw a little toddler tailgate. Continue reading

In Between Bites

I am writing this in between bites of lunch, during precious nap time minutes so it will be brief! The last 11 days have been busy between:

  • Leah’s second birthday
Birthday Girl!

Birthday Girl!

  • A visit from Mike’s Mom

Grandma Patsy and her biggest fans!

  • Move It, Dig It, Do It – an awesome display of big equipment for little kids put on by the Iowa Children’s Museum

Honking the semi truck horn…notice who is wearing the hard hat…

  • A trip to Las Vegas for Mike’s work conference


  • Hanging out with my parents after we got back and reunited with Leah and Jelly
First time creek stomping!

First time creek stomping!

I feel like I’ve hardly had a minute for anything! The packing and unpacking alone is enough to make my head spin. Not that I’m complaining; it’s been a blast, but I also managed to plan Leah’s birthday party for this weekend. Since we didn’t do anything big for her 1st birthday we decided to throw her a little party this year, so naturally I left ALL the planning for the days before the party.

All that to say, that I DO plan on continuing to blog, but I haven’t had much time to focus on it! Someday soon, probably when there is less daylight and fewer perfect fall days, I’ll be back with interesting and witty content…until then, you can check out Facebook and Instagram for more updates!


OMG I Have A 2 Year Old

Wow. I can’t believe that it’s been 2 years since I met my little baby Leah. The two years have flown by fast, but at the same time I can hardly remember life before my little sidekick was here. Tonight as I read Go Dog Go for the millionth time I kept getting choked up thinking that it was the last time I would put my 1 year old Leah to bed. I know it’s melodramatic but it made me feel like in the blink of an eye she will be all grown up. I try not to listen when anyone mentions how fast it goes, because I know they’re right, and it makes me panic. I guess the best I can do is to thank God for everyday, even while I’m swallowing a scream, and kiss those cheeks as much as I can before the baby fat is all gone. Ok I’ll stop blubbering. Right after I look through and post these 87 pictures of my baby.


Potty Training Update


This is the stool’s REQUIRED position and I am REQUIRED to sit on it, which yes, requires me to straddle my daughter as she goes. The joys never cease.

So if you follow my Instagram you probably saw the sh!t hit the fan, (well actually the door, door frame and wall) in regards to potty training this weekend. I didn’t do any research beyond asking a few people what they did we’re kind of winging it.  So I am not writing this post to tell you how to do it, but more to give comfort to those of you who feel like terrible potty trainers. You’re in good company. However, some people have been asking what we did and how it’s been going so if you’re interested read on!

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The Unabbreviated Weekend Recap


College Roomies At Levato’s

Looking back at the pictures from this weekend I can’t believe all the things that we did in just one, (almost) regular length weekend! So if you want the Cliff Notes version here it is: Car AC breakdown, Chicago, Zoo, Levato’s, stuffed bunny mishap, Nana’s 80th birthday party, potty training, dinner with friends. Well I guess technically our adventure started on Thursday as I drove to the gym. Really hot air was blowing out of our air conditioner. Continue reading

Cilantro Lime Quinoa Salad


Is it just me or is it really hard figuring out what to feed yourself for lunch? Since I stopped going to an office all day I noticed that lunch has become a challenge, and I often end up eating random (usually unhealthy) snacks or a my go-to: a quesadilla. Leftovers are usually sent with Mike to work, but sometimes there’s a little stray quinoa in the fridge and recently I’ve been mixing in whatever veggies are in the fridge to make a healthy and tasty lunch. Continue reading

The Struggle Is Real

Last week was a test. Leah was cutting her canine teeth and just completely out of sorts. Mike was Trauma Chief, which had him working from 6am to 10pm almost every night. This left Leah and me, battling it out for 13+ hours a day. We’re talking early wake ups, short naps, very little eating and tantrums all day long. I don’t mean to complain, but it was the first time I’ve really ever contemplated going back to work. But I’m actually grateful for the long week, because in the end it reminded me to take care of someone who I’d kinda forgotten about: Me. Continue reading