About Me:

I’m a former Marketing professional, current nanny/chauffeur/chef/maid/therapist/personal assistant (aka stay at home mom). I live in my home state of Iowa with my (mostly) amazing baby girl, our dog and my husband while he finishes his Oral Surgery residency (one more year!). I love to cook, be outside, go on walks, hang out with family and friends, have dance parties in our kitchen, and laugh at my own jokes, which happen to be hilarious.

About the Blog:

I started this blog with the vision that it could grow to catalogue thousands of birth stories, and with that, thousands of health professionals and birthing facilities. I wanted women who were new to a city, or new to having a baby, to be able to find a birth story from someone who used their hospital or doctor. To be able to see how that doctor responded to a complication, and what that hospital’s policies were for rooming in. How the nurses responded when she didn’t want to breastfeed. Real life accounts are hard to find, especially for a specific practitioner or facility, and I wanted to be able to provide that.

As the blog has grown and evolved, the birth stories coming in have ebbed and flowed. So I started sharing more of my own journey (and mishaps) as a mother and young woman navigating these years that so often revolve around babies. I definitely don’t have any accreditation as a mom, but I love sharing what works for me, and even more often what doesn’t, because we’re all in a more similar place than we realize. I also love posting stuff that might make you smirk, or at least roll your eyes, because I feel like so often the stuff I scroll through makes me feel like I’m not good enough, life is hard, and the world is evil.

When you leave this site I want you to feel like you’re not alone in your shortcomings, life is pretty damn funny, and the world is good.

So take a look around, send me your story, and shoot me a note if there’s something you want to see or something that you loved and want to see more of!


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