Motherhood Closet Trial

A while ago I posted about the top sites to rent maternity clothes from. The one I was most excited about finding (and using) was Motherhood Closet. I liked the fact that you rent 15 items of your selection from their collection of gently-used, name-brand maternity clothing, and that you can swap the clothing as many times as you want (just pay shipping), throughout your rental period of 3, 6 or 9 months.

Sounds great in theory, right? Well I wanted to see if it’s really was great as I was hoping, so I contacted Motherhood Closet to see if I could try their Clothesline Club Membership with the intention of reporting back! I got my shipment of clothes earlier this week and so far here are my thoughts!

  • 15 items is a lot! I had no trouble finding 15 pieces I’d like to rent, but I was also surprised by how much clothing it felt like I was selecting. It felt kind of indulgent! And when I received the box it felt like the clothes just kept coming.
  • One challenge is knowing what size to order – especially in maternity clothes. When I was selecting clothes I wondered a few times if what I was picking would fit, and sure enough, there are a few pieces I may have to send back because they just aren’t my size, but I feel like this is pretty par for the course when it comes to online shopping.
  • I am VERY pleasantly surprised with the quality of all the clothing. Each piece is in like new condition, even those that were labeled “gently used” were in great shape. The brands I ordered include J Brand, Isabella Oliver, Hatch Maternity, A Pea In The Pod, Gap, and more.
  • Everything was folded nicely and freshly laundered, it all smelled great and I had no hesitations about wearing them right out of the box.

I have several pieces I’ve already worn more than once, and I’ll post pics on Instagram of some favorites!  I’ll also be exchanging what didn’t fit and I’ll post an update in a few weeks on how it’s all working into my wardrobe, but so far so good!

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