From The Toddler’s Mouth


Lately Leah has been cracking me up with all of the funny things she’s saying. She is also latching onto random details and then holding onto them for a few weeks before randomly asking about them again – which always surprises me, like where’d that come from? How’d you even think of that? Here are some of my favorites lately.

  • Leah’s highest compliments she can pay are to announce that you’re big and strong and have big muscles (Mike mainly receives this one), that you’re big and powerful (in my  opinion we could all benefit from hearing that on the daily), and one that’s been dedicated only to me over the last couple of weeks: you’re huge and heavy and big. HAHA! And it’s so cute because she thinks this is such a nice thing to say so I have actually been taking it as such. She also told the ladies at the gym daycare “My mommy is huge and my daddy has big fingers“.

  • I mentioned being pregnant the other day and ever since she’s been really concerned about it. “Why are you pregnant Mom? I don’t like it that you’re pregnant!” After understanding that just means that there’s a baby in my tummy she now has started using it in conjunction with the more flattering compliments above – I’m now heavy and huge and pregnant in my daughter’s eyes.

Taking my own advice – please enjoy this glamour shot of me first thing in the morning…

  • Each morning I’m woken up with shouts from her bedroom. The last few daily variations are: “MOM!!!!! MOOOOOOMM!! I’M READY FOR YOU TO COME IN HERE AND GET ME!” and “MOOOOOM!!! ARE YOU HOME!????”

How 75% of naps are spent lately.

  • She wears her Elsa dress almost all day every day, and I always have her wear something under it because the arms are itchy. Well, lately she noticed that Elsa wears her dress itchy so now she wants to roll her sleeves up underneath so that she can wear it itchy too. LOL I mean, beauty is pain, kid…

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