Life Lately

My Day Off

Leah had been extra naughty a few weeks ago and I called my mom begging her to take her for a night so that we could all get breaks from each other – mainly Leah and I. My mom agreed (HALLELUJAH) and took her off my hands for a much needed day to myself. I got my hair cut (for the first time since August – YIKES), went shopping (without constant little person negotiations going on) and had a date night with Mike (another first in way too long). IT WAS AMAZING!!! I only have one kid but as one of my friends recently told me – sometimes you need more than an hour or two away from your kid/kids to recharge. Amen.

It also took a change of scenery for us all to realize Leah had an ear infection and I’m guessing that’s part of why she was acting up so much. It’s amazing how sometimes you are the frog in the pot of water slowly coming to a boil and don’t even realize it. As soon as I got some space I realized that I had been at the end of my mom patience, and a break to spend some time on myself was exactly what I needed to be a better mom and wife. Is that you right now? If it is and we live nearby CALL ME! I’ll watch your kids and if not call a sitter or a family member and get yourself a mom’s day. Not just a couple of hours – but a day at least. Trust me, you and everyone around you will appreciate it.


All’s well here – I’m 22 weeks and rocking the bump to go with it. I’d post the pic I took but I care too much for you all to do that. I’m struggling with wardrobe something fierce and I don’t know why. I’m just getting to the stage where I could wear maternity tops and look ok, but I am trying not to buy too much this time around…

Other than that all the important aspects of the pregnancy are going great. Baby’s healthy, I’m healthy and feeling great!

Impending Move

We’re making strides and have a date set to close on both the house we’re selling and the house we’re buying! Until that date in June you will can find me packing, pinning home decor, and soaking up living in my home state while I can!

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