Pregnancy Pillows – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Being a stomach sleeper one of my struggles both last pregnancy and this one has been getting comfy at night. Last time it seemed easier, I used a thick regular pillow between my knees for a while and after getting a prenatal massage I decided I needed the real deal. Between last pregnancy and this one I thought pregnancy pillows would be a good thing to review so I contacted Boppy and they sent me their pregnancy pillow to review. I was also given the Leachco Snoogle from a friend. So I’ve been diligently testing (aka trying to get comfortable) and feel that I can now provide a comprehensive review if you’re looking to buy a pregnancy pillow.

Option 1: The thick head pillow

Used as a buffer between the legs while lying on the side, it can help ease strain on the back.

Image result for bed pillow between knees


  • Easy to roll over with and switch which side you’re laying on
  • You already have several of these
  • Takes up minimal room in bed
  • Use whichever pillowcase you like with it
  • Put it back on the bed in the morning and it’s not taking up any extra space


  • Only cushions a small area

Bottom Line: Great for the weeks when you’re not quite comfy on your stomach, but you don’t yet have too much belly to put strain on your back. I successfully used this for weeks 8-18 when my back started to hurt during the night and I needed something more.

Option 2: Body Pillow

– I have this one, top rated for the money from Amazon, I bought it because it was most similar to what I enjoyed during my prenatal massage and really loved using it during the second half of my first pregnancy.


  • Inexpensive, at $32.99 on Amazon
  • Comes with a zippered washable cover
  • It looks nice as an addition to your bed pillows so no awkward storing when your bed is made
  • Amply padded to provide great neck, arm and leg/hip support


  • It’s so thick and plush that it is a bit heavy and hard to move from one side to the other when you roll over – and in the last trimester moving yourself from one side to another is hard enough
  • Maybe too much padding for some people – while I LOVED it last time, I found it was too much for me this time
  • The included cover was too scratchy at first for my face (now it’s fine) so I put a regular pillowcase on top where my face rested against it
  • Takes up a decent amount of room in bed

Bottom Line: This is a great option if you don’t want to spend too much, or have a huge oddly shaped pillow to stash each day. And Mike still uses this pillow each night ūüôā

Option 3: Boppy Custom Fit Total Body Pillow

A 3 piece pillow that velcros together to become a full body pillow.

Boppy Custom Fit Total Body Pillow, GreyPros:

  • Because it velcros together you can customize which pieces you want to use, you may be able to find a configuration that works really well for you
  • Cute fabric pattern


  • The velcro makes it awkward, I was constantly worrying I was disconnecting the pieces
  • Not very well filled pillows, they seemed to provide less than desirable support
  • Fabric seemed low quality and scratchier than others
  • I was unable to find a way that this helped or made me comfortable
  • Pricier at $54.99 on Amazon

Bottom Line: I basically hated this pillow as much as I wanted to like it. It just didn’t work for me, and I actually had another pregnant friend try it too and she felt the same way.

Option 4: Leachco Snoogle

This is the holy grail of pregnancy pillows, I honestly had no idea why until my friend gave me hers. It is a C shape to “contour the shape of your body”. 

Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow, Ivory


  • More comfortable than any of the above mentioned, for me at least, whether I’m facing the open end or the closed end, it provides support of my shoulders, hips and spine better than any other pillows did
  • You can roll from one side to the other without moving the pillow, just wrap a different leg around the back and keep snoozing – this is HUGE for me and disrupts my sleep way less
  • Comes with a removable cover
  • The cover is comfortable on it’s own so another pillow case is not needed


  • In the morning when I make my bed I never know where to put this, it usually sits in the corner on full display
  • It’s on the pricier side, currently $52.47 on Amazon
  • Takes up a fair amount of room in bed and effectively separates you from your partner

Bottom Line: If comfort while sleeping is your goal BUY THIS. I think it’s worth the price and it’s made it very comfortable for me to sleep on my side, and helped relieve some back pain I was having.

Hope this helps! And let me know if there are other pillows you used that you liked or if you had a different perspective on any of these!!

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