5 on Friday

So it’s supposed to be in the 60’s this weekend and I feel like it’s a peace offering from above for every family with pent-up kids suffering cabin fever. WE WILL GET OUTSIDE THIS WEEKEND!!!! So happy weekend to you!

one. Valentine’s Day – We’re not huge Vday celebrators but we still try to make it feel special. This year we actually had an amazing Valentine’s Day. In the morning Leah and I met some friends at a local bakery to have breakfast pastries and play on the patio. It was so much fun and I highly recommend Deluxe Cakes and Pastries for anyone local to Iowa City. And while it’s pretty small inside, the outside area was great to relax and let the girls run around.

Mike surprised us with pink roses and a balloon for Leah. That was probably the highlight of my day seeing how special it made Leah feel to get that Valentine from her daddy. Then, because Mike lost our Super Bowl bet (thank you Tom Brady for pulling out a last second win), he had to cook dinner of filet and scallops. YUM.

two. We’re getting ready to put our house on the market and took pictures on Wednesday. Let’s just say I have a new level of respect for anyone who manages to get immaculate pictures of their homes, with toys neatly tucked away and toddlers hiding somewhere while the pictures are being taken. Now the trick is keeping our house clean for showings…anyone have any advice?

three. I’m in need of some new tinted moisturizer or foundation and have been polling my friends to hear what their favorites are. I also have a hard time getting the perfect match so I have made several trips to Sephora to get samples and then try them out at home where I can make sure they look ok in natural lighting. I’ve actually found a few that I really liked. I have dry skin especially in the winter so anything very matte doesn’t work for me. I’ve been using this, and loved it but wanted to try something new because the color was just a shade too dark during the winter (I look like I just came over the North wall).  I highly recommend going to a makeup counter or Sephora and asking someone to help you match at least 3 different types of foundation/tinted moisturizer and then trying them at home. I have never gotten a great match the first time I went in and have often purchased a product that looked too dark when I got into my car.

I was recommended this but felt like it settled into fine lines and pores and just didn’t love it. My match in this was way too pink for the yellow undertones in my skin. The ones I liked best for light-medium coverage and a natural looking finish were Nars’s Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer (ultimately didn’t match my skin well enough), this Tarte foundation (more matte coverage but a great match and nice finish), and this Bare Minerals tinted moisturizer. I never would have tried it but a friend swears by it and it’s the one I’m leaning toward buying right now. What are your favorites? Any I should try before I pull the trigger?


four. One of my most visited pages is the one mentioning maternity rental options and I continue to be amazed by Motherhood Closet’s collection of maternity clothes available to rent or buy. I have several friends who are expecting and they’ve found great staples like Paige and AG jeans (new in some cases), and seasonal dresses and tops available to rent for a few months. If you need some maternity clothes make sure you check out this store! Also get 10% off your order if you use the code FromBelly2Birth –> Shop now

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