Random Thoughts for Monday

Well hey everyone! I think the cabin fever has officially set in as we work our way through February. It’s been a mild winter, but it’s still not warm enough to get outside and I’m really starting to look forward to Spring! But the good news is that hopefully warmer weather is a month or so away. I thought I’d bring you a few random thoughts if you need some reading material to get through another Monday.

New Recipe

sweet-potato-pizza-skilletWe had the best new recipe on Friday for dinner. I saw this on a friend’s Instagram (she is a health food blogger – check out her sight for great meal inspiration!) and immediately wanted to try it because Mike is obsessed with Pizza but also on a huge health kick, so I figured he’d appreciate the opportunity to indulge without going overboard. It was a hit and you have to try it! MY TIP: it says to use a spiralizer and I don’t have a fancy one – just a little handheld one that doesn’t really work for anything but zucchini. So I employed my food processor, using the setting you’d use for cheese grating; it worked great and so was much quicker.

Update on Us

Leah is still doing great without the paci, and since I never provided another update, now fully potty trained except for night time where she’s still uses a diaper. It took about a month of many accidents before it really clicked, and another month where we still had to watch her closely and make sure to remind her to go potty but then things became much easier. So if you’re just getting started – stick with it! It was awful at first but now I’m so glad we tackled it when we did.

We’re also gearing up to sell our house, buy a new house, finish up residency and move to Chicago! So Spring and Summer will be plenty busy but right now as we do paint touch-ups on our house and peruse the listings on Zillow I feel like it’s the calm before the storm.

New Blogs I’m Following

Because it’s the doldrums of Winter I feel like I’ve spent more time than usual looking to my phone for entertainment. My friend introduced me to a new blog that I really like. It’s a fashion blog which I usually stay away from because they make me feel totally frumpy, but this one – The Honeybee – has some great shopping links and stuff in all different price ranges.

And if you’re pregnant I also love this expecting mama’s style and a lot of the stuff she wears you could wear even after you have that babe. I am especially loving the white cardigan she wore in her latest Instagram.

Hope you have a great week!

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