Bye Bye To The Paci – Mission Complete!

We’re paci free! I am so relieved that this went off, for the most part, without a hitch! About a week ago I handed Leah the step 4 pacifier when she crawled onto my lap for storytime and she didn’t bat an eye; never commented that it was any different from the paci she had before. Two nights later when I nervously gave her the step 5 paci, the one you can’t suck on at all, she tried a few times to get a good suck going, and finding it impossible, she looked up at me and said “It’s too tiny!”. I pretended to be shocked, then told her “Well you can just hold onto it.” She said “My want to put it in my mouth!” so I told her that she can’t anymore because it’s bad for her teeth, but she could hold onto it if she wanted to. She did want to. So that night and the next day for naptime she went to sleep just fine holding the paci in her hand. After naptime it got brought down and left on the kitchen counter and completely forgotten about. SUCCESS!

She has asked for her old paci a couple of times, but more as a routine bedtime stalling tactic than because she really needed it. I’m so happy that we’ve done it! And like I said before, although I was skeptical, I do think the Lily Method was what really made the transition easier. I know I could have just thrown the pacifiers all away, but my daughter is strong-willed and stubborn, so she will not give up on something she feels is unjust. The great thing about this method was that it allowed us to wean off of the paci without a) losing any sleep b)massive meltdowns and c)prolonging the bedtime negotiations. And for me that made it completely worthwhile. I’d definitely recommend giving it a shot if you find yourself daunted by the task of pacifier weaning.

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