Bye Bye To The Paci – Days 3-6

As promised here is the rundown on how it’s been going the last few days. We’ve gone from the Lily Method Step 1 pacifier to Step 2 to Step 3. Step 2 was accepted without a second glance, Step 3 has most of the round part of the nipple cut off so I’m told that when my husband put Leah to bed the first time with it she looked at the paci and said “What’s that?”.  But she then accepted it and went to bed just fine.

So far I’d say that the Lily Method Pacifier Weaning System is MVP in this process, BUT we’re not through the woods yet. I think that as long as Leah has something to hold and suck on she’s doing fine, but she’s no pushover. She knows when she doesn’t have something she wants. Which means I’m nervous about introducing Step 4 and even more so Step 5 in a couple days, which she won’t really be able to suck on at all.

My other two approaches (The Babies that she donated her paci’s to, and the 3 consequences for not going to bed…see previous post) are working pretty well. To be honest I haven’t had to mention the babies. But I have had to mention that if mommy has to come up there again I’m turning off your fan!

So far the fan going off is as far into the list as I’ve gotten, which is good because I keep forgetting the order of the second two consequences. (Do I turn the noise machine off next or pull the nightlights out? And if it’s naptime and the nightlights aren’t even on, do I still just pull one out?) Details…just details!

Well that’s how it’s going so far….I hope to have an equally uneventful update in another few days!

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