Election Day

Well it’s finally here – election day, and as someone who had a hard time voting for either candidate, I’d be lying if I said I was excited and I think that a lot of the country feels the same way. But I am interested to see which way the vote sways. If I could change one thing about the way we elect our presidents it would be the requirement to stay so faithful to one party or the other. I have a hard time believing that anyone truly believes in ALL of the causes of one party or another, and yet to get on the ballot you need to convince America you believe staunchly in all (or most of) the Republican or Democratic beliefs. 

I hope in my lifetime I have the opportunity to vote for someone with more moderate views. I want to cast a vote that protects the environment, and life – both in the womb and from the electric chair. That protects my children from unfit citizens with deadly weapons, and my husband’s years of work and sacrifice to become a surgeon from being regulated and overtaxed. I want to cast a vote that passionately fights for all the things we love in America, but that doesn’t do so at the expense of common sense. Geez, is that too much to ask!? And if your views are the opposite, I hope you can vote your way someday too! And we can both tactfully voice our opinions without anger, hate, stubbornness and self-interest blinding our best judgement.

And whoever is elected tonight, you don’t have to love them (I won’t!) but do your part to show the little eyes who are watching that we respect our president.

That is all – happy voting! And God Bless America.


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