My Nerdy Obsession: Audiobooks

Since I started staying home around a year ago I’ve started listening to a lot of audiobooks while I clean, go on walks, drive near and far, and even sometimes while I workout. I know it sounds so nerdy, but after I finished Serial I couldn’t find a podcast I loved, so in search of something that would keep me riveted tried audiobooks. In Iowa City our public library has OverDrive, which allows you to rent audiobooks and ebooks right to your device – I sync everything right to my phone. I love that I’ve cranked through so many books that I never would have gotten around to reading, and most importantly I’ve found tons of books that keep me super interested, even (sometimes) forgoing being lazy on the couch during naptime for cleaning or laundry while I listen to a book.

However, I have found that some books that I might love in hard-copy I just can’t do on audio. If you want to give it a try I suggest something like a thriller, that moves fast and is easy to follow. Some of my faves are below, all available on OverDrive.

Here are my top 5 audiobooks (in no particular order)

Mean StreakMoody Bitches: The Truth About the Drugs You're Taking, The Sleep You're Missing, The Sex You're Not Having, and What's Really Making You CrazyPrimates of Park AvenueTroublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and ScientologyLethalImage result for bossypants

  1. Moody Bitches – Julie Holland

This book is nonfiction, but it kept me more riveted than most. You can click the link above to read the book description, but what I liked about it was that it was incredibly validating information on how hormones affect women throughout the month and throughout our lives, and there was a lot of interesting facts, backed up by loads of research by a prominent New York City Psychopharmacologist and Psychiatrist. I kept thinking Yes! That’s so true! and then That makes so much sense! There are some chapters you may skip over, (and one in particular that you won’t want to listen to with your kids) but all in all a good read.

2.  Primates of Park Avenue – Wednesday Martin

I found this one sooo interesting. It chronicles motherhood in New York’s Upper East Side and all the trials and tribulations of a mom trying to fit into the scene.

3. Friction, Deadline, Lethal, Mean Streak or Low Pressure – Sandra Brown

When I mentioned a thriller, these are what I had in mind. They’re good, easy to follow and easy to get engrossed in mysteries that generally contain a hot hero and some twist you don’t see coming. One warning – there are some sex scenes that I did not see coming and had to quickly fumble to turn the book off in the car when things started getting raunchy.

4. Troublemaker – Leah Remini

Mike and I listened to this on a car trip recently and it was pretty nuts. It is the story of the actress’s life surviving Hollywood and Scientology. Her sense of humor and blunt observations made me laugh throughout the book, and I love that she reads the book in her Brooklyn accent. I also couldn’t BELIEVE some of the stuff about Scientology. Yikes.

5. Bossypants – Tina Fey

I mean, it’s Tina Fey reading her own hilarious book – motherhood, acting, growing up etc. How can you not love it? She’s so relatable and it made me respect her even more than I did before.


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