Friday Funny

In honor of it being October (!!!!!) I thought today’s Friday Funny would serve a dual purpose – hopefully make you smirk AND give you some ideas if you are thinking of dressing up with your mini for Trick Or Treating. There might be a few other Octobery things mixed in, who knows!

family halloween costume, baby carrier costume

LOVE this, and how timely!

parent and kid halloween costumes

Curious George




parent and kid halloween costumes

Dr. Evil & Mini Me

parent and kid halloween costumes



castaway and wilson parent costume

YES! Wilson and Castaway…this would also be a great pregnancy costume…

Vanilla Ice Family Costume

Easy, hilarious, and 90’s themed, what more could you ask from a costume?

And if you look at all these and think yeah, still too much work, I have a newborn! Then this one’s for you.


Drop the mic.

Pssst… you can buy it here!

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