5 Posts You Won’t Find On My Blog

I was trying to think of things I’m good at to write about and inevitably I kept thinking of things I’m really terrible at. And if I’m really terrible at it I probably won’t be posting about it, and if I do you should definitely disregard, since, ya know, I’m bad at it.

  1. Beauty Tutorials – I love to buy makeup. I love to buy hair products and I’m a great tester at both things. BUT I have about 3 hair styles (pony tail, straight and down, wavy and down) and 3 makeup looks (no makeup, some makeup, and full makeup) that I can do. If I attempt to apply makeup to another person it doesn’t go well, so I usually try to save face by drawing on a unibrow at the last second to make it look like a joke.
  2. Crafts – Ok, I did post one craft, but I had to because that’s literally the first thing I’ve ever accomplished that looked remotely attractive (after only one round of revisions from my sister). I suck at all crafts. I also only have the attention span to purchase all the required materials and try it for about 20 minutes before I realize it’s hard! I have a rag rug sitting upstairs that I started a year ago and have 1/8th of the way done because I just don’t enjoy working on it. In fact my sister (the artist) suggested I might have more luck with a “Megan Nails It” series. Because I like to think of myself as artsy I was a little hurt, but who am I kidding? She’s right.
  3. Sentimental Posts – I just can’t write really heart-wrenching, tear-jerking stuff. I can’t read it either, it makes me too sad! Every time I see anything shared with “I dare you not to cry while reading this!” I quickly scroll past and try not to read the caption because I will feel melancholy and worry that I’m not enjoying the moment enough for an hour. I am 100% sure I’m missing out on so many great messages that would probably enrich my life, but hey, just being honest.
  4. Housekeeping Tips – If you’re taking housekeeping tips from me I feel bad for you. It is NOT my strength, and I fully intend to hire someone whose strength it is when I make my first $$million$$…which should be………..oh yeah this is a post about things I’m bad at.
  5. Work Out Tips – I actually kinda like working out, in a “Wow I’m happy that’s over!” kinda way, but I can’t seem to stick with anything consistently enough to feel like a real Yogi, or a BodyPump addict, or a Pilates Pilot (?). I dabble. So don’t expect a “Get That Pre-Baby-Belly Back!” sit up regimen any time soon.

Now if you’re not looking for any of those things then you’re in the right place!!! And you have very low standards so you fit into my target audience. Thank you.

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