Potty Training Update


This is the stool’s REQUIRED position and I am REQUIRED to sit on it, which yes, requires me to straddle my daughter as she goes. The joys never cease.

So if you follow my Instagram you probably saw the sh!t hit the fan, (well actually the door, door frame and wall) in regards to potty training this weekend. I didn’t do any research beyond asking a few people what they did we’re kind of winging it.  So I am not writing this post to tell you how to do it, but more to give comfort to those of you who feel like terrible potty trainers. You’re in good company. However, some people have been asking what we did and how it’s been going so if you’re interested read on!

Why did we decide to start potty training?

Leah just randomly started asking to go on the potty and successfully doing that. I had planned on waiting until she was at least 2.5 but I was afraid if I encouraged her to keep going in her pants it might make things harder later on. Sometimes I question that logic now…

How did we do it?

We had 1 full day where we pumped the chocolate milk, stayed home all day, watched a movie and went to the potty every 20 minutes or so. I also found that not using underwear at all during this time helped her to not have accidents. Then day 2 we took a couple cautious outings, wearing big girl panties and went from there. We also started doing treats, a chocolate chip for potty in the toilet, and a mini cookie for #2.

Is she dry all night?

No. She has never woken up with a dry diaper to date, so we’re still in diapers at night and at nap. I’m going to wait until she’s dry all night to tackle night time potty training.

What do you do when you’re in public?

Leah thankfully is very curious about public potties. My mom got us these after a few incidents where potty went everywhere. (That gap right in the front of public toilets is not conducive to a little girl trying to go!) And we usually have better luck in public than at home. Thankfully?

How’s it going?

Interesting you should ask. Since we just got back from visiting family for a week, things have regressed a bit. The potty has also stopped being a fun place to go, so it takes some coaxing to get Leah to go try to go potty at the moment. We average 1-2 potty accidents per day, and a poop accident every 2-3 days. This brings us full circle to Saturday, when Mike didn’t realize that when Leah says “poo poo” there’s a chance she’s already gone, so he whipped her pants off and ran to the bathroom, flinging poop and resulting in a frantic, and kinda hilarious moment.

In summation, we’re potty training, but not derailing our life to do so. I’m guessing that it will continue to be a bit of a test of patience for a while. And if you have any foolproof tricks PLEASE send them my way!


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