Dressing The Bump In Style On A Budget, Part 1

When I started popping enough (had to double check to make sure I didn’t just type pooping enough) to warrant maternity clothes it was so fun to finally flaunt the bump. No longer feeling like I just looked overfed, I was on the search for comfy and cute clothes to wear for the next 5 months. But it’s kind of hard to justify spending a ton on cute clothes when you can only wear them for a short while. Nonetheless I do think that buying some staples is unavoidable and you deserve it.

What To Buy

I loved shopping Gap Maternity for my staples (not a sponsored post!), especially their Pure Body collection, which was super soft, form fitting (show off the bump!) and all of their stuff can be found at 40% off fairly often if you keep your eyes open for the sales. And I’m sure everyone is different but their clothes fit me much better than Motherhood Maternity or Old Navy’s. They’ve stopped carrying maternity in stores, but you can still buy it online. Some of my favorite items that work for any season were:

Pure Body Tank and Pure Body Crewneck Tee – I had these in the basic colors: white, grey, black and they were comfy and flattering. You can wear them with shorts, jeans, skirts, under sweaters etc. It also comes in a long sleeved version.

Demi Panel Jeans  – These fit the bill of being not too expensive (especially after a 40% off discount) while still being flattering.


Navy Chino Pants or Black Ponte Pants – I’d pick the blue chinos for Summer/Spring, and the Ponte pants for fall and Winter. The pair I had like these I may have worn more than my jeans because I felt I could dress them up more but they were still comfortable.

When I bought jeans and pants I didn’t think about it but later I really preferred when the belly panel was nude colored. This made it look much more natural than a dark colored panel under a white t-shirt. Unfortunately I only see the dark demi panel in jeans, but the pants do have a nude panel. Speaking of the demi panel…I love Gap’s demi panel. It’s not as hot as the full panel and VERY VERY comfy. I am still tempted to only wear maternity jeans. BUT I DON’T! Ha, of course not!


Dark Panel vs. Nude Panel

Stay tuned for part 2 which will feature some great rental options!

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