My Favorite Websites

This might seem really random, and I suppose it is, but nevertheless I really love these websites and visit them often, so I thought you might find them useful!

  1. The Savvy Bump – This is a deal website for all things baby and pregnancy. She posts just a few posts per day, but I find a lot of the diaper bargains listed on this site.
  2. Hip2Save– This is a couponing/deal website for everything and there are pages and pages of posts each day. I like to look through and see if there are any deals for things I need. I’m not really a couponer but I have found good deals on everything from shoes to baby food pouches on here.
  3. North Carolina Charm – I’ve been following this blog since before I had Leah, and I just really like the variety of things that she posts, not to mention how relateable it is to hear from another young mom. While I’ll never be as put together as she is, it’s fun to get ideas on everything from nursery ideas, to dinners to toddler life savers.
  4. The Car Seat Lady – I don’t visit this site as often but the info is awesome. If you’re looking for a new car but not sure how many car seats it can fit where this is a great place to find info. She also has answers to many installation questions. Just a good resource.
  5. City Mom’s Blog Network – I usually frequent the Iowa City Mom’s Blog site, but you should see if there is a Mom’s blog site near you, because they host great events and keep me updated on important happenings locally.



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