Puddle Jumpers

I consider this is more of a PSA than anything. If you have a kid who is big enough to kick around in a pool but can’t swim yet you have GOT to get a Puddle Jumper. The first time I took Leah to the pool this summer I was kinda thinking “This was a lot of work, not sure how soon we will do this again…”. I felt like I spent the whole time frantically moving her from one floatie device to another and trying to make sure she didn’t drown in between. The next week I saw the Puddle Jumper on sale at Costco (<3) and threw it in my cart at the last minute.

My expectations were very low: I didn’t think she’d want to keep it on, and I didn’t see it working much better than those old school arm floaties. I am thrilled to say I was wrong! Once it was on, Leah could independently float and kick around the pool wherever she wanted, while I trailed a couple feet behind. Where I had spent 10 minutes trying to get her to kick with my hands under her arms before, with the Puddle Jumper on she was instinctively kicking and making doggie paddle-like motions to get around.  Now, it’s still a tiny person in water, so they can still get turned around and have trouble getting turned right side up if you’re not watching carefully. That being said, it was such a game changer, we’ve done the pool many more times this summer than we otherwise would have and it’s much more fum for Leah and me. Especially for me.

So if you’ve seen them around but haven’t been convinced that it’s worth the money, let me tell you IT IS. You can get them many places like Target, Costco, Wal Mart, and they’re also available here on Amazon.

I’m always on the search for game changing products like this so if you have one that you can’t stop raving about please let me know!

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