Friday Funny & Poll

Hey Party People!

Hope your weekend is kicking off soon! My Friday funny today is late, but also accompanied by a quick poll and GIVEAWAY. Since I started here with the intent of posting mostly birth stories and journeys to becoming a mommy I wanted to check in with you all as the blog evolves. Instead of just not posting when I don’t have a new birth story to post I’ve taken to posting something else that I think you might find interesting. But you also might not find it interesting and so here’s the time to tell me!


Thanks for taking the time to give your feedback and have a great weekend!  Next week I’ve got an awesome giveaway planned so make sure to check back!


I think this is the truest thing I’ve ever seen.


I hope they turned off the hose before taking this photo.


How astute of you




Sorry….but it was too good not to share!


Or Kids Bop anyone??


This is my new favorite.


Oh yeah

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