The 4 Nursing Bras You Need But Haven’t Heard Of

One of the great joys of breastfeeding is finding a great nursing bra. Said no one ever. If it’s comfortable and practical it will probably leave you with an unsupported uniboob; and if it makes your girls look great there’s no way you’re pumping without getting a little soggy. Since I quit nursing a year ago I’ve come across several bras that I wish I had known about.  With these bras in your lingerie drawer you will have your breastfeeding bases, and (your nips) covered. Although I haven’t tried these bras, I thought it would still be nice to provide some options you might not have heard of.


  1. Ayla Lace Nursing & Pumping Bra, The Dairy Fairy – $54 I like that this bra is really pretty, reviews say that its comfy and it has hidden flaps for hands free pumping.
  2. Lorenna Lace Soft Cup Nursing Bra, Mayana Geneviere – $110 This one is more of a splurge, but it’s available in wireless or with an underwire, and the clasp-free technology sounds like it would be easy to wear all day (and sometimes all night) too.
  3. Dreamy Sleep Bra, Melinda G – $12-$25 As the name says, this bra looks comfy enough to sleep in, since unfortunately most of us are forced to sleep in a bra while nursing to prevent leeking milk everywhere. I also like the price, and I think I’d be tempted to wear this for more than just bedtime.
  4. VEAMI Nursing Sleep Bra, VEAMI – $10 This is my other top choice for a sleep or lounge bra. It’s simple, soft and has great reviews.

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