My Best Friend/Sister’s Wedding

Sorry for not posting in a while!  I’ve been rebounding from all the fun that we had last week for Kara’s wedding.  I’ll give the lowdown on what we’ve been up to and I wanted to let you know we have an amazing home birth story that will be posted shortly!  Instead of the Friday Funny I’m going to give an update on Kara’s wedding!  Many people have asked for photos, and I took NONE so these are what I’ve rounded up from social media while we await the professional photos!


A week ago yesterday I was on the road back to my parents house in Des Moines to kick off wedding weekend with a little Mani/Pedi pampering.  Thursday night we had a girls spa night and all got our nails and toes spruced up in preparation for the big day.  We even brought champagne and sushi to enjoy while we were at the nail salon.  It seemed like an awesome idea, but it is just a little tricky to balance a sushi plate on your lap while your callouses are being buffed off.  Oh well, somehow we managed. 🙂  Afterwards we had a big bonfire in the woods behind my parents house and we joked that between the fire and the heatwave it was so hot that the mosquitoes were just falling on us dead instead of actually biting.


Staying cool

Friday we had some last minute errands (getting rings cleaned, finding a hair clip for Kara’s hair, buying coloring books for the kids’ rooms, etc.) and then we were off to the rehearsal!  Main takeaways from the rehearsal were how the bridesmaids and groomsmen were to exit and enter the pews (this took no fewer than 5 tries to get right), and practicing the best man’s ring hand-off.  Leah, her co-flower girl, and the ring bearer did a great job walking down the aisle hand in hand.


Yes those are curlers, no it did not turn out well.

After the rehearsal I dropped Leah off with a babysitter and we headed downtown to The Riverwalk Hub, where we enjoyed delicious Peach Moscow Mules and amazing Mexican food.  The whole night was awesome, if not a little bit hot.

Then it was wedding day!!!  Kara and I got up bright and early to head downtown to the Marriott where Desaree of Refinery Hair was waiting for us to get our hair did.  She set Kara’s hair in record time and we were off to Vanity & Glamour for makeup!  My mom and Nana met us there and we were so thankful to be getting our makeup done since it was supposed to be about 95 degrees and 50% humidity…and the wedding reception was outside.


After makeup it was back to the hotel to finish hair, and then over to St. Augustin church where we got Kara into her dress, and then got to relax while Kara and Andrew did their first look.  I didn’t do that for my wedding, but let me tell you, it was so nice getting the annoying pictures out of the way before the wedding and then having time to relax.  By the time we loaded onto the trolley the hard part was all out of the way.


Leah was a leeetle intimidated by Aunt Ka’s dress

Throughout all of this Leah was hanging out with Mike who took her to see his parents in the hotel, and then back to my parents’ to try to nap.  The nap was a fail, so by the time she was in her dress and doing pictures she was not in the best shape.  She made it down the aisle, although not with the other flower girl and ring bearer.  Instead she walked just ahead of Mike and me, which worked out fine.  She got all the way down the aisle, threw one petal down, and then picked it up and ran into the pew with my mom.  Not perfect, but I’ll take it!  During the ceremony she was walking back and forth between the bridesmaids and the groomsmen and then eventually she laid down on the kneeler in front of me for a few minutes.  But I tell ya, nothing keeps you on your toes like a toddler old in church…except maybe a toddler in the front row of a wedding.


Giving her the evil eye while willing her to stay down.

Andrew just graduated from the Naval Academy in Annapolis, and is headed off to flight school in Pensacola, so it was so striking to see him and his other groomsmen in their Naval Whites.  They also did the sword ceremony as the couple left the church.  Handsome men in uniform line up across from each other with swords blocking the way for the couple to pass, when they get to each pair of swords the guys say “The price to pass is a kiss”, and then the bride and groom kiss and make their way forward.  It was soo cool!


After the wedding Leah went off with Mike’s parents (they are such saints, they drove her around in the car for an hour just so she could catch a little nap in the air conditioning), and we went off in the trolley to take a few fun bridal party pictures.  You may have seen my slow-mo video of Kara trying to pop the champagne on the trolley on Instagram.  The funny thing is that it took her a solid minute to try to pop it, so that was like my fourth slow mo video where I finally caught it!

My second favorite part (the first being the dance) of any wedding is the cocktail hour.  You see the magical reception venue for the first time, enjoy some great and well-deserved cocktails, and usually a delicious bite to eat.  That’s why when I’m in a bridal party I’m always campaigning to make sure we get to attend the cocktail hour!  This one was no different.


There were plates of bacon being passed, Dark and Stormy’s being served, and so many family and friends I couldn’t wait to catch up with.  The reception was at the Salisbury House, and it was absolutely stunning.


It was, however, still hot as hell.  Thank goodness I had guessed this would be a day when thighs would stick together and had packed a large bottle of baby powder.  It’s a game changer, and many of us reapplied baby powder many times that night.  Another thing that was amazing was the kids room.  Yes, there was a room where there were 4 paid babysitters, so you could check your kids in, and go enjoy dinner.  IT WAS EPIC.  The room had a kids buffet, movies, pillows and blankets, coloring books, and little tables and chairs.  This made such a difference to me to be able to eat my meal in peace.  Until Leah freaked out and decided that she NEEDED to be out with the adults.  But still, it was such a thoughtful touch.


I had a speech.  I was nervous, but I think it went well.  The dinner was really good, they cut the cake, and then time stopped on the dance floor.  With all the military men dressed in uniform, one of the best moments of the night was watching the Navy and Army find some common ground – the top gun theme song.  If you want to see this video, check out my Facebook page where I’ve posted it.  We danced the night away, and at the end of the night most people looked like we had all jumped in a pool.  My mom literally thought of everything to make the wedding go off without a hitch, and all the conversations discussing hypotheticals paid off.


That night I slept like a dead person, and woke up to find a brunch mostly set up in my parents kitchen.  Family and friends stopped by to have a bite to eat on the way out of town and say goodbye!  It was so much fun to have a chance to rehash the funny stories, and see everyone one last time.  I wish I had taken pictures of the brunch but that morning, in the wake of the wedding we were missing my mom’s phone, my mom’s camera, my sister’s phone, and 2 separate pairs of my diamond earrings.  All were recovered throughout the day as we unpacked cars and sifted through the wedding debris.


And then everyone left, and just like that, wedding weekend was over!  Kara and Andrew are enjoying their honeymoon exploring the California Coast, and we’re back to the old routine with the best memories of an amazing weekend.  Thanks for getting married you two!  It was a blast.

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