Friday Funny

So it’s Friday once again…and also the start of wedding weekend!! Two of my very favorite women are getting married this weekend, one, my sister and best friend and also the amazing artist behind the artwork on the birth stories.  And two, Christine (AKA Schnitz), one of my very best friends of all time, who’s getting married across the pond to her hunky Brit, Tom.

I’m already feeling emotional about my baby sister getting married, and at the same so excited for them to start their new life together.  I also feel so sad I can’t be in Manchester to celebrate with Christine, but I’m so happy that her adventure to England has been such a fairy tale.

One of the things that both these brides have in common is that they have the most amazing senses of humor.  Kara’s dry sarcasm never fails to make me snort while laughing, and Christine being around somehow makes me feel funnier, while making me laugh so hard I cry.  I’ll stop being sappy, but basically I just took the long route to say: today’s Friday Funny is dedicated to two of my favorite people on their wedding weekends.  Love you both more than words can say. <3

And some ideas for the photographer in case there’s still time to add any shots…(courtesy of buzzfeed)

The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers just announced the winners of their quarterly photography competition.

This woman's lunge for the bouquet is an acrobatic feat that deserves to be in Cirque du Soleil.

This fisherman is a reminder that nothing is sacred.

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