Bath Time


No, I did not use the bottle brush on her.

Since that first bath in the kitchen sink, bath time has been a fun occasion around our house.  Leah has grown to truly LOVE bath time.  So much so that it’s probably our most frequently spelled word. That and W-A-L-K.  The mere mention of bath time will send her flying up the stairs and ripping off clothes and diaper.  When Leah was staying with Mike’s parents while we were in Ireland Mike’s mom started running water for a bath, turned around to get some soap, and turned back and Leah was standing in the bath, fully clothed, and wearing her Jordan’s.  Girlfriend has a thing for baths.

Recently she’s become very obsessed with bubbles “bubba” and getting warm and “compey” her towel “taa”. Leah picks out her towel and washcloth every night while the water is running (in between thwarted attempts to jump into the tub), and she always goes straight for the Sweet Sugar Baby hooded towels.

They’re thick and fluffy, even after weekly washes for 20 months.  A new addition to bath time for us is the Susan Brown’s Foaming Shampoo and Body Wash.  It has a pump and comes out foamy and already full of bubbles.  It also smells great and is made from all natural ingredients.  The company has a great story: Susan Brown’s father owns a company that produces natural botanical esters and oils for companies like Estee Lauder, Chanel, Clinique, etc. so she is able to use these emollients in high concentrations in her baby products for a low cost.  It’s also all Dermatologist tested, Paraben and Phthalate Free.


A Sweet Sugar Baby hooded towel and a bottle of the Foaming Shampoo and Body Wash are part of the giveaway.  There!  Now you know about all the great items in the giveaway and why they were chosen!  I hope that if you’re on the fence about sharing a birth story this gives you the nudge you need.  There’s still a week left to write it up and send it over to me!

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