I had to act quick to get this shot.  Hand not included.

One of the items in the Dare To Share Giveaway is the Toddler Feeding Set in Aqua from Replay Recycled.  I first got into Replay when I bought the silverware from Target, looking for something that would be easier for Leah to eat with.  These are great for just that.  The spoons hold more on them than other kid silverware we’ve tried, and because they are plastic they don’t cut up her mouth.  The plate has deep walls that makes it easier for her to scoop up food without spilling.  I also like that they’re made from recycled milk jugs, (more about that here) but no more expensive because of it.  But who cares what I say, see what Leah thinks here.


After trying a couple more of their products I really love this brand and am adding it to my most-loved list.  I love the silverware, plate, and sippy cup the most.  The sippy cup is great, and the hard spout prevents Leah from squirting her beverages out like she does with a soft spout.  It also has a spill proof valve that you can remove and wash.  This makes it our go-to “car cup”.  Most critically (jk, but seriously) everything is dishwasher safe.  Although I usually end up grabbing it out of the dishwasher and washing it so we can use it again before the load is clean.

Check out all the cute products in amazing colors here.  And to score a feeding set for free, if you haven’t already make sure you enter the giveaway!





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