My Most-Used App

Have you all started writing up your stories for the giveaway yet?¬† ūüôā I hope so!¬† Probably the thing I am most excited to add to the prize packages is the Moment Garden $25 photo album credit.¬† I mean, I almost only gave away 2 and kept the third for myself, but my Catholic guilt won out.¬† For those of you who already have Moment Garden, good for you, you’re ahead of the game. For those who haven’t heard of it, let me just change your life real quick.


Before I do, let me just say that the level of obsession in this post is 100% genuine, and I was not paid to endorse Moment Garden (although I should be).  They were kind enough to provide the 3 $25 album credits when I told them I wanted to do a giveaway for my beloved readers.


Moment Garden is a FREE app and website that allows you to privately share pictures and videos of your kids with family, friends; whoever you choose.¬† My family lives all over the place, as is the case with many of us nowadays, and I didn’t want to be one of those In-Your-Face-With-My-Kids Facebook people, but I also had Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, Friends, etc. asking for pics of Leah on the daily.¬† Enter Moment Garden (gong noise).¬† You download the app, invite whoever you want via email, then snap pictures, and take videos on your phone – wait you’re already doing that – and then upload with or without a caption.¬† Moment Garden automatically catalogs the photos and videos in chronological order.¬† You can even write out stories of things that are happening to upload and share.¬† There’s also a website, so you don’t have to use the app for all of it, but I always do.¬† It’s so easy and I’m pretty lazy, so for something to still be my most-used app after 20 months is saying something.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL.¬† So you’ve got all this mom or dad guilt because you’ve been snapping pics with your phone for 20 months instead of the brand new DSLR camera you bought when you found out you’d be having a baby.¬† And you’ve gotten about 5 of them printed off, and then promptly given them away to grandparents.¬† Then your phone crashes and you freak.¬† But then you remember that you’ve been loading them onto Moment Garden and all of those favorite pictures are stored securely online.¬† And then you feel better, but still guilty that you haven’t kept a baby album.¬† Moment Garden saves the day AGAIN when you see that you can make an album (or calendar, or card, or magnet, etc.) with literally zero effort right from your account that includes many of the captions you cleverly wrote in the moment when you still remembered why your daughter was laughing so hard that green beans came out her nose.¬† BAM!¬† So awesome.



You also have all those cute videos saved online and receive a notification every time Grandma ‘loves’ one, or when your BFF from college comments that he loves the Air Jordans in the pic.

Truly, I am so thankful for this app and the way it’s allowed my family to feel like they know my daughter even if they don’t see her every day.¬† It keeps everyone up to date on milestones. If I go so much as 1 day without posting pictures to Moment Garden I get hate mail from my loved ones. I have about 25 family and friends you can consult with if you’re on the fence, but it’s free, so just download it and see what you think.

I’ve also heard of people who document a year of their relationship and then give the album to their significant other as a anniversary gift, or engagement present.¬† I’m so jealous of whoever the lucky winners are who get an album credit!


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