16 Minute Club: Breastfeeding Support Delivered to Your Door


A month or two ago I saw the coolest thing on Instagram, it was called the 16-Minute Club, and provides breastfeeding and newborn support boxes for new moms.  Think Birchbox, or Barkbox, or any of those other fun-to-have subscription boxes, but created by a lactation consultant specifically for breastfeeding.  So I got in touch with Wendy, the owner, who is a certified Lactation Consultant in California, and asked her about her business.  I was really curious about what was in the boxes, because I felt like while the idea was genius, the execution could either be great or miss the mark.

I thought it would be fun to review a box, and show you what comes in it, so that you can decide if it’s something that might make your journey a bit easier.  And by the way, the clever title is the average amount of time it takes for a nursing session.  You can buy one box, or sign up for an ongoing subscription.  If you have a subscription every 6 weeks you receive a new box in the mail filled with goodies that aim to help your breastfeeding journey at that moment in time.  It also comes with special instructions regarding that phase in your breastfeeding journey, and baby’s development during the first year.

Wendy said that the most popular box is Box No. 2, The Early Weeks, which is preceded by the Pre-Natal box, so this box really focuses on what, for me, was one of the toughest parts of breastfeeding – the beginning.  The information that came in the box (already set up in a cute binder for organization) was concise, specific, and provided all of the main takeaways I got from the 3 hour class I took at our hospital.  If I had to do it again, I’d spend my $35 on this box, instead of paying to sit through the breastfeeding class, and I’d come away just as prepared, but better equipped.

The three themes for The Early Weeks box are:

  1. Get the Latch Right – specific instructions provided
  2. Preventative Skin Care – the most painful part of nursing for me, and thankfully many of the enclosed goodies cater to this
  3. Sleep – Communication signals are discussed to help understand when your baby is sleepy as well as tricks to put baby down to sleep, and what’s happening developmentally on that golden occasion when baby is sleeping



So I’m sure you’re wondering what was in the box, and I was pleasantly surprised by how much is packed in there (so was Jelly).  I was also touched by the amount of thought and care that clearly went into picking items that would make a new mom feel supported and cared about.  You can tell it’s done by someone who just gets it.  And although I didn’t expect to feel this way, I think that the information offered is just as valuable, if not more, than all of the goodies.



  • Binder and informational pamphlet
  • Handy card with some FAQ’s answered (this was awesome, some of the things I remember googling in the first days home were on this – like how to time and space feedings, how can I tell if baby’s eating enough, etc.)
  • Breastfeeding positions and tips poster
  • 2 quick reference baby care bookmarks


  • 5 Hair Ties on a card discussing a tip to keep track of how many times baby has eaten throughout the day (so clever and cute, I am definitely doing this next time)
  • Baby Crinkle toy
  • Organic Maternal Care Wipes with Tea Tree Oil
  • Auto-Sensor Night Light – I really like that the light is automatic and can swivel in different directions to help light certain areas better
  • Lansinoh Nursing pads (my favorite disposable brand)
  • 2 Lactation cookies
  • Reusable breast cooling/warming soothing pad – meant to provide relief for soreness, this is kinda cool because you could use it cool when your nipples are on fire at first, and then warm if you have a plugged duct or to promote milk flow.
  • Natural nipple soothing balm
  • Reusable cloth breast pads
  • HPA Lanolin sample

As you can see there’s A LOT in the box (I had trouble getting it all in one picture), and there are even additional coupons and discounts for the products in the box, and other products not included.  I think that having something like the 16 Minute Club Breastfeeding Support Boxes to look forward to is a great way to reward yourself for all the hard work you’re doing breastfeeding, and help you stick with it.  And think of it as a way to treat yo-self!  You deserve it!  I also plan on keeping this in my arsenal of gifts for new mom friends, and even shower gifts.  What a great way to support your friend’s goals and give them something that they might not have even thought to ask for.

If you have any questions about the boxes or the subscription process I can help you find the answer or you can visit the 16 Minute Club website to purchase them.

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