Masquerade Shower

Over the weekend we had a joint baby/wedding shower for my siblings.  My brother and his wife are having their first baby in July, and my sister and her fiance are getting married in June (hopefully before the baby makes his appearance)!  So instead of asking everyone to come into town twice we did a joint shower – and the gender reveal!


I was only in charge of the gender reveal portion, which was a challenge since my sister in law is gluten free and I definitely wanted her to be able to eat whatever I made.  I made gluten free cake pops, and gluten free cupcakes.  Both had bright blue centers, and everyone sat around the table afterwards and took a bite together to find out that it would be a baby boy joining the family.


The Masquerade theme was so fun and as you can see my Aunt and cousin did such a great job (as always) decorating.  If you’re in need of a shower theme, this one really lends itself nicely to either a baby or wedding shower.  Everyone was supposed to wear masks, a memo which, somehow I missed.  So an hour before we were supposed to be there Mike went out in search of masks for us.  And brought back a Darth Vader mask for me, and a terrifying American flag face for him.  Luckily my mom had an extra, and he was able to cut the bottom off of his to better consume his Jambalaya and drinks.


For the baby gift we gave my brother and his wife some of my favorite baby register items.

MAM Silicone Start Pacifier, White, 2-CountBumkins Pacifier Clip, Gray ChevronMilkscreen: Home Test to Detect Alcohol in Breast Milk 8 Test Strips

  • The Kiinde Bottle Warmer was a gift I didn’t expect to receive but we used more than so many other things, it was really handy once I went back to work and we were often using bottles of breastmilk.  We actually used it so much in the first year that ours died, and the company sent me a new one for free and with no hassle.
  • A MAM pacifier.  Generally we like soothie paci’s the best, but MAM was the second favorite, and I know a lot of babies liked these better.
  • A Paci clip – must have.  And when I registered I didn’t know it but the kind with the small string attachment were the only ones that worked for the Soothie pacifiers, so I had several we never used.
  • Breast Milk Test Strips were something that I used a lot at first, and then hardly ever, but I figured a set of 8 or so could come in handy.  Even though I’ve seen recent articles that cite studies showing the level of alcohol in breastmilk is so minimal you don’t have to worry as much as previously thought.  Sometimes, especially when you are just figuring things out, its easier to be safe than worry you are going to have a drunk newborn on your hands.

For the wedding gift I got a set of hammered copper mugs off of my sister’s registry.  Kara and Andrew introduced us to Dark and Stormy’s and so it seemed an appropriate gift.


I was a little blue leaving my grandparents yesterday, it was so fun to see my family but I am so excited for the wedding and cannot wait to meet my first nephew this summer!


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