10 Must Haves For After Baby is Born

I’m not expert, I’ve only been a mom for 18 months, but these are the things I couldn’t have lived without.  Okay well, I could have lived, but would I have wanted to?

10 must have items to have on hand after baby is born; noise machine, wubbanub, breastpads, swaddle, zip up sleeper, undercover mama tanks, pack n play

  1. Undercover Mama Tanks – these babies are actually also great maternity tanks, they’re super long and clip right into your bra so that you don’t have double straps (when both straps have a nursing clip it’s really annoying and they will rub on each other). For nursing they help you stay covered from the boob down as shown. I LOVED these and recommend to all pregnant and nursing moms.
  2. Breast Pads – Glamour, here you come. Your boobs will be so big that the last thing you will want is extra padding, but for once you will require it. 24-7. For some reason for the first few months while nursing I never knew when I was going to let down. And if you’re nursing on one side, the other side will DEFINITELY let down and soak everyone involved if you don’t have a pad on. Yay, joys of motherhood!
  3. White Noise Machine – This is something I always give at showers. It was a life saver and we still use ours for our 18 month old. I like this one to keep in the pack ‘n play, or napping station, and this one for in the nursery. When we first got home from the hospital and were convinced that Leah wouldn’t sleep without being held, a wise older cousin told us to put the white noise machine on, swaddle her, and let her get used to the bassinet during the day, and it WORKED.
  4. Swaddles – So many moms say “My baby hates swaddling!”. My baby hated BEING swaddled, but slept sooo much better once she was all wrapped up. She would calm down if we were flying or at a party and getting fussy as soon as we had her swaddled. If you’re convinced your baby doesn’t like it because their hand pokes out of the top, or they cry when getting swaddled keep trying – it might be a life saver! I liked these and these best for the newborn – 3 month stage.
  5. Wubbanub – I freaking love these things. We have two; the ears have fallen off, they’ve been left out on the bike trail for a couple days, then thrown in the wash, then given back to baby.  They stay balanced on newborns easier, and are easier to find for older babies than a paci that rolls right out of the crib. My heart explodes for the person who first sewed a beanie baby onto a pacifier.
  6. Netflix/Amazon Prime TV– I spent my maternity leave (after all the family left) on the couch, nursing, holding the baby, nursing, and holding the baby. And watching the entire first 6 seasons of Downton Abbey.
  7. Pack ‘N Play – This was our main level baby station. In my opinion no need for the fancy shmancy version – this one with the reversible baby changer and napper worked perfectly, and still continues to work for any overnights away from home. We kept diapers, wipes, desitin, swaddles, pacifiers etc. stowed in the pack n play on our main level so that we didn’t have to run upstairs each time she needed a new diaper (which is a lot in the first few weeks).
  8. Zip Up Sleepers – Who decided putting 85 snaps on a baby sleeper was a good decision? Damn them! It is sooooo much easier to have something that zips. Period.
  9. Food – Have you seen the movie Jennifer’s Body? There’s a part where Megan Fox turns into a zombie and basically has an unquenchable hunger. That is how I can best describe how I felt after I started nursing. I felt as if I could eat and eat and eat and still eat. And not be full. So have some food lined up, and snacks on hand at all times. Don’t worry about baby weight – it will eventually come off when you send baby to daycare and become so stressed about it that you can hardly eat, or something along those lines.
  10. Car Seat Frame Stroller – This is actually just the device that will allow you to do the most important thing after you have the baby – get out of the house. It doesn’t have to be right away, but please, for everyone’s sake, put that tiny little thing you are terrified to take anywhere in its car seat and go to Target. Or the park. Just get out and remember that you are a social being with a brain. I found the easiest way to do this was using a car seat caddy/stroller frame, so I could bundle Leah up once, then plop her into the caddy and roll up and down the aisles of exotic places like Target, and Hy Vee.

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