What My Hospital Provided For Postpartum Care

One of the things I was really looking for information on before I delivered was what I should bring, and what would be provided at my hospital for postpartum care.  Here are the things the University of Iowa Hospital provided.  I also attached links where I could in case you are delivering at home, or want to purchase them for yourself.

Pain Relieving Items

Dermoplast, Witch Hazel pads, epifoam, pain relieving items for postpartum pain

Dermoplast, Witch Hazel Pads, & Epifoam

  1. Dermoplast Pain Relieving Spray – Apparently you only want this type – not the one with the red cap. This provides relieve that you can just spray on your lady parts without any additional contact after a vaginal delivery – and it keeps feeling good for about 2 weeks after baby.
  2. Witch Hazel Pads – I was told to tuck a couple of these onto a pad before using it.  They look like makeup remover pads, and were helpful, but my third favorite after the other two.
  3. Epifoam – this was my favorite product that the hospital provided so ask for one to go. If you put a little onto an ice pack it really helps in your sore areas.

Nursing Items

Nursing items provided by labor & delivery at the hospital, lanolin, soothies gel pads

Lanolin & Soothies Gel Pads

  1. Lanolin – I was told to start using this on the old nips about a month before I was due, and I do think it helped “prep” them for nursing.  I also asked for and was given another bottle at the hospital.  The most telling story about the first few days of breastfeeding is that my mom, grandma and cousin all told me that they would say Hail Mary’s when the baby was latching to get through those 20 or so seconds…I did try to transition from whispering the F-bomb to that…with some success…but just know that those babies get TENDER with or without ointment.
  2. Speaking of tenderSoothies Gel Pads will be the only things you want touching your nipples for a few days. These feel amazing; the nurse gave me a set at the hospital and told me I could pop them in the fridge between uses for a little more relief.
  3. Nursing Pads – Not my favorite, but the hospital provided generic nursing pads.  I didn’t need them until I left the hospital because my milk came in on the third day.  These are the nursing pads I preferred.

Pads, etc.

Items provided by hospital for postpartum care, Boyshort disposable panties, inflatable donut seat cushion, Perineal Cold Pack, rectangle disposable panties, peach pad

Boyshort disposable panties, inflatable donut seat cushion, Perineal Cold Pack, rectangle disposable panties, peach pad

  1. Disposable Panties – These will be your lingerie for a while.  Sexy, I know.  There were a few sizes, and either boy shorts (upper left) or some other style I can only call the rectangle (middle right with the green seam).  The great thing about these is that you can take them off and throw them away, pad or whatever still attached.  I was given more than I could ever need of these so don’t buy your own.
  2. Inflatable Donut Cushion – I used this a lot the first two days after birth.  It helps to sit on it and take some pressure off what really hurts.  If the hospital doesn’t give this to you off of the bat I’d ask them, they’re bound to have them around.
  3. Peach Pad – This is the ginormous pad pictured at the bottom.  Not sure it needs much explanation but these are available…and you will use them.
  4. Perineal Cold Pack – Last but certainly not least.  God bless the person who invented these.  Beg, borrow (eh, maybe not) and steal these from your hospital.  Paired with the epifoam these can get you through the first 48 hours, although they’re not very absorbent, its worth it.

What did your hospital provide you with?  What were your favorite items?  Email me or comment and I’ll be sure to post the results for everyone!

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