A Young Mom of Two Shares Both of Her Birth Stories – Part 2

Iowa Methodist Birth story, second time mom, family of 4

Our youngest, was born on a Thursday in May of 2011.  I was now 24 years old and this pregnancy was way different than my first.  For one thing, I had more memorable nausea and exhaustion – and my sciatic nerve bothered me throughout the pregnancy.  We also had an established home and marriage – we were just kids when our first was born!  Our Baby Girl was 5 days early according to my due date.  We saw the same group of doctors but Dr. Whitney Brink was on call that day and she was wonderful!  I went into labor in the early morning when I woke up to feeling pressure and discomfort. Second time around, I knew to shower before leaving as I might not get one for a couple days!  We headed to the Methodist Hospital in Des Moines, IA at about 5:30am after my mother-in-law came to stay with our son.

I received an epidural at about 7:30am and felt fine for a while.  I believe they had to break my water as they did with my first child.  For some reason, I don’t remember as many details the second time around, but I needed to receive Group B Strep antibiotic during birth which took a certain number of hours though an IV at the time. I received the IV in bed after the epidural. We were concerned that she would come before it was all administered and I think she did but only by about 30 min, which they said would be fine.  Pushing was easier the second time around, and I pushed for less time until giving birth at 11:21am.  I am so blessed to have a boy and a girl- they are so different and so much fun!


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