Friday Funny

Guess what you guys. Today is the best day of the year.  TREAT YO SELF DAY! Yep. Today is the day you got to treat yo self. You GOT to! Coincidence that it’s exactly 9 days before my birthday? I think not! I’m treating myself by Continue reading

Whole Wheat Pumpkin Muffins


Since Fall is in full swing, I wanted to share my recipe for Pumpkin Muffins. Every year it’s the only Pumpkin flavored treat that I’m required to make. I make them for birthdays, thank you’s, when I need to bring something to a party, or if we’re spending the night at someone’s house. They’re always gone in 2 days TOPS and I’m always asked for more. Continue reading

Friday Funny

In honor of it being October (!!!!!) I thought today’s Friday Funny would serve a dual purpose – hopefully make you smirk AND give you some ideas if you are thinking of dressing up with your mini for Trick Or Treating. There might be a few other Octobery things mixed in, who knows!

family halloween costume, baby carrier costume

LOVE this, and how timely!

Continue reading

Leah’s 2-Year-Old Birthday Party

Carousel cake

Happy Birthday Leah!

Since we didn’t do a party for Leah’s 1st birthday we decided to do something this year, to celebrate turning 2. It happened to fall on the same day as the University of Iowa Homecoming Game, and since we live in Iowa City, we figured it would only be appropriate (and fair to the parents) to throw a little toddler tailgate. Continue reading

In Between Bites

I am writing this in between bites of lunch, during precious nap time minutes so it will be brief! The last 11 days have been busy between:

  • Leah’s second birthday
Birthday Girl!

Birthday Girl!

  • A visit from Mike’s Mom

Grandma Patsy and her biggest fans!

  • Move It, Dig It, Do It – an awesome display of big equipment for little kids put on by the Iowa Children’s Museum

Honking the semi truck horn…notice who is wearing the hard hat…

  • A trip to Las Vegas for Mike’s work conference


  • Hanging out with my parents after we got back and reunited with Leah and Jelly
First time creek stomping!

First time creek stomping!

I feel like I’ve hardly had a minute for anything! The packing and unpacking alone is enough to make my head spin. Not that I’m complaining; it’s been a blast, but I also managed to plan Leah’s birthday party for this weekend. Since we didn’t do anything big for her 1st birthday we decided to throw her a little party this year, so naturally I left ALL the planning for the days before the party.

All that to say, that I DO plan on continuing to blog, but I haven’t had much time to focus on it! Someday soon, probably when there is less daylight and fewer perfect fall days, I’ll be back with interesting and witty content…until then, you can check out Facebook and Instagram for more updates!


Greetings From Vegas

Hey everyone! Sorry for the radio silence over here…were in Vegas for an Oral Surgery conference so we’ve been enjoying sleeping in, laying out by the pool and winning millions on the blackjack table. One of those statements is false.

Breakfast at NY NY

Breakfast at NY NY

But just wanted to pop in to remind you to enter the Giveaway for a $50 gift card to, see below!


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OMG I Have A 2 Year Old

Wow. I can’t believe that it’s been 2 years since I met my little baby Leah. The two years have flown by fast, but at the same time I can hardly remember life before my little sidekick was here. Tonight as I read Go Dog Go for the millionth time I kept getting choked up thinking that it was the last time I would put my 1 year old Leah to bed. I know it’s melodramatic but it made me feel like in the blink of an eye she will be all grown up. I try not to listen when anyone mentions how fast it goes, because I know they’re right, and it makes me panic. I guess the best I can do is to thank God for everyday, even while I’m swallowing a scream, and kiss those cheeks as much as I can before the baby fat is all gone. Ok I’ll stop blubbering. Right after I look through and post these 87 pictures of my baby.


Email Followers

Hey Everyone! Just a quick note about email followers. I recently migrated the hosting of the blog, so unless you specifically opted into receiving emails for new posts you may not get them any longer. So if you would like to opt in to receive emails when you post just click the follow button to the right! And if you have any problems please let me know and we’ll get it figured out!

4 Best Maternity Rental Options – Dressing The Bump In Style On A Budget Part 2

Borrow For Your Bump Subscription Box, $99/month

Something I’ve been seeing a lot of recently are rental subscriptions and services for clothing, and what better time to rent clothing than when it will only fit you for a limited amount of time! I think it makes sense to rent maternity clothes because it allows you to wear nice clothes that fit well and look good, without investing a ton of money in them. PLUS you’re bound to have at least one wedding or fancy event to attend while pregnant and why buy when you will literally only wear it once?

Here are the best 4 options for maternity clothing rentals, as well as a $50 gift card giveaway and 10% discount code! And read to the end because I saved the best for last. Continue reading

Friday Funny

One of my guilty pleasures is the Real Housewives TV shows. It’s totally trash TV and it’s just fun to watch something so mindless and dumb. That being said the BEST is definitely Real Housewives of New Jersey because they have so much crazy going on. I also enjoy watching the dynamics of the marriages on RONJ because they really treat their husbands like kings, and I think in general we could all use a little more of that in our marriages. NOT A LOT MORE. Just a little :).

So I stumbled upon this awesome series another blogger did where she tried out all the advice Melissa Gorga gives out in her book Love, Italian Style: The Secrets To My Hot and Happy Marriage. I mean, the book got a whopping 2/5 stars on Amazon so it must be good. Regardless, The Naughty Mommy‘s trial of the advice given is pretty hilarious, especially if you watch RONJ. Continue reading